Still don’t get the Birds and the Bees. Perhaps a genetic disconnect?

This Blog Was First Written on December 12, 2009 at 3:28 am on Vicki’s Blog At Red

Good morning friends, Spent time today puttering around facebook, the internet and the house trying to get my brain organized for linear thought.

But then I started thinking about how another year is ending and I still don’t get the whole birds and bees concept. OK, there are the Boys and there are the Girls, but isn’t everybody a human being so really they are more alike than different?

And I get that boys don’t really have kooties. That was just some kind of strange sexist flirting ritual in elementary school . . . and also the very last of the flirting rituals I have been able to follow with any bit of artfulness.

So are there rules someone can help me out with . . .? I’ll buy your ticket to Crete if you think you can help . . . (but you have to find you own way home, ok?)

Girls can be friends with guys, if the guys are gay, right? . . . and girls can’t be friends with straight guys because . . . ??? . . . of the communication disconnect where everything a girl shares is sucked by the gravitational pull of the ever present black hole that . . .. perhaps, surrounds the hearing mechanism in a guy’s ear which clicks off the respond mechanism of the voice box?? or the typing on the keypad of the computer??

I don’t know, sounds like physics to me.