Technical problems persist for Eurostar

More than 230 passengers were stuck for over an hour beneath the English Channel after the latest in a series of breakdowns to plague the Eurostar rail service.

It was not clear if it was the weather or a mechanical fault that caused the affected train to break down 11 kilometers from the tunnel exit on the British side. It was on its way to London from Brussels.

Another three trains had to be turned back to stations in both the English and French capitals and knock-on delays are expected over the next few days.

It is the second time in three weeks that technical problems have left passengers disgruntled.

One man waiting in Gare du Nord station in Paris said: “The only thing I think is a bit of a shame is that the business class people can wait inside (the waiting lounge) and the rest have to wait outside here. They say there’s not anough space in there but people who are coming out say there is. That’s a bit of a shame really.”

Services ground to a halt for three days in the busy run-up to Christmas, leaving tens of thousands of passengers stranded and prompting widespread criticism from the public and even from the French president.