Traditional Kheyanmeya Handmade Egyptian Tapestry

Who in the world has lived a more romantically dangerous life than Scheherazade with her one thousand and one nights of exotic tale-telling?

The artist Hani D. El-Masri has been working in the USA for Disney, Warner and DreamWorks to bring you brilliantly animated mo

Scheherazade & the  1001 Nights by Hani D. El-Masri

Scheherazade & the 1001 Nights by Hani D. El-Masri

vies such as Prince of Egypt.  But for his lifetime before moving to California he was always working on bringing the Classic Folk Tale of the 1001 Nights into a unique visual form.

Thank goodness for his fans he returned to Cairo and created a masterpiece in the form of a tapestry.   And what a tapestry!   It measures impressive 5 meters tall by 8 meters wide (16.5 feet x 26.2 feet) and weighs 45 Kilograms.

One hundred and two different colors of cloth were used to construct this amazing art work which was sewn together with the traditional Kheyameya technique which originated in Persia and has survived in Cairo under the hands of Egyptian artists.

For photos of the tapestry in total and for close up photos of the detailed work please visit the following web link where you will also find more information.

Here is the web link where you can view more of Hani D. Masri’s projects and visions.

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