No let up as Europe braves cold snap

Europe continues to brave the big chill. In Germany, sub zero temperatures and heavy snowfall, combined with strong winds, made for an unpleasant cocktail for road users. Germany’s north east has been especially badly hit with emergency services struggling to clear roads and free stranded drivers.

In Berlin, the misery for rail commuters was little better. The capital’s main stations have been plagued with continuing delays and disruption after 27 centimetres of snow fell on the city overnight.

Many other European countries have also been getting their fill of the big freeze. In neighbouring Switzerland, Geneva’s international airport finally reopened after heavy snowfall forced it to close for the first time in 25 years. A nightmare for those travelling from the hub, as authorities struggled to get rid of the backlog.

The head of the airports operations Xavier Wohlschlag said: ‘‘This is exceptional. I’ve never seen such a situation in the last six year’s I’ve been working at the airport. This is something we haven’t experienced since the famous winter of 1985.’‘

The Netherland’s has also been in winter’s front line. In the north of the country, the people of one small village had to be dug out after a heavy snowstorm completely cut them off from the outside world.

Further south and Jack Front’s bite has extended his grip to Portugal. In the north, road closures have brought travel chaos to many areas. Not everyone was downhearted though, deciding to take a winter tipple to warn the bones.