The miracles of Haiti

”Thank you Jesus, thank you” is a prayer of thanks and hope uttered from a woman rescued from the rubble in Haiti.

It is a prayer of thanks, a sign of hope. So too was the rescue of a nine year old, Olon Remi from the ruins of her home.

Survivors gathered in small groups across the captial on Sunday to pray and give thanks. Their churches have been destroyed but not their faith.

From the remains of a luxury hotel in Haiti’s capital resuce workers toiled in hope. From the wreckage they pulled the co-owner out alive, she had spent more than a hundred hours burried under the wreckage. The relief, the thanks from those watching was spontanous as clapping burst out.

From under a collapsed university building a 29-year-old woman who had survived since the quake struck was saved. It took 30 hours to rescue her.

The congretations were scattered, gathering where they could, many of them homeless. As they worshipped in their own way the rescue mission continues. 43 international teams have so far pulled 70 people alive from the rubble. Everyone is united in hope that the mircalous stories will continue and the number saved will rise.