Aid and security – the problems facing Haiti

Earthquake in Haiti Hope for the SurvivorsIt is six days since the catastrophic earthquake tore the Haiti apart and woke the world to the appalling plight of its people.

The sharpest focus remains on the challenge of getting this aid now flooding into the broken country to the needy. There is food and water from the air provided by the US Marines. Other troops have been deployed to try and restore order on the streets.

Marauding looters have been roaming the increasingly lawless streets. The UN peacekeepers and local police are struggling to cope. The Commander of the US military operation has admitted security is now a critical component in their work to provide humanitarian assistance. In the rubble of the capital police chased away locals scouring this commercial area for food and medicine.

In camps around the capital it is makeshift living, waiting and hoping. As the international community continues to grapple with the huge problems here the number of dead is estimated to be 200,000. Ahead could lie more problems. In such conditions disease can thrive while refugees will need to be housed. How much time does Haiti have?