Haiti . . . what next? by Teresa Bo in Haiti

Earthquake HaitiThe city is destroyed….filled with bodies that lie around and people dont seem to notice them anymore. They are concentrated in their own loss and suffering…In their survival as aid organisations are trying to distribute enough food before people start getting hungry … and angry.

The smell of death is everywhere. In some sectors of the city, it is almost impossible to breathe, with the bodies rotting under the blazing sun.

On saturday I drove towards the southern part of the country. In the city of Carrfour people decided to block a road…with dead bodies. They were claiming the government’s attention so they would pick up the dead people and some some kind of help to their area.

We hear a lot about the destruction of Port- au-Prince but not about how this earthquake destroyed other cities…. Leogana has been leveled by the earthquake. A school collapsed on top of 100 children….The only thing their surviving parents could recover were their schoolbooks.

The question is…what comes after this? People here do not trust  the government. They believe they will steal the money the world is sending to help them. They have asked me repeatedly to ask NGO to prevent going through what they consider Haiti’s corrupt institutions.In the last election, people didn’t even bother to vote as over a little 12 per cent of the population decided to cast a ballot.

The example many give is the City of Gonaives that was flooded by tropical storms and hurricanes in 2008. A year later people still live in tents and the dry mud still covers the city…

Will the same happen to Port-au-Prince? Will aid reach those who need it the most?

The international community is launching its biggest operation in decades…hopefully they will stay long enough for things to change.

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