Body Language -Shaking Hands Says Something About You

Body Language Tips – The Handshake

In modern times your handshake when you meet someone maybe more important than you think.  You want to clasp the hand of your new acquaintance with a firm grip without hurting the other person.  Do not shake their hand too hard.  This is the most common way of handshaking and indicates two people on common ground.  Usually the handshake lasts for two to three shakes.

Nobody likes a clammy hand so keep your hands clean and dry.  Use moisturizers for a softer hand.

When shaking hands you will both want to keep your hands at the same level to show respect and equality.

If you want to show submissiveness let the other persons hand be on top.

To show power give your hand out with your palm showing downwards.

The Definitive Book of Body Language by Allan & Barbara Pease

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