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Update from Richard.

Indie Writers Deathmatch III has begun, and the controversy has already broken out! Competitors Jordan Abel and Ben Anderson are tearing each other apart…at the moment, Abel has the edge in votes (61%) but Anderson has been steadily catching up. Readers and writers alike are bloodying both the stories, as well as Broken Pencil itself! Ouch!

Plus, both stories ran this week on the revolutionary CellStories.net, as will all stories that follow! Check them out for the next three Monday-Tuesdays on your mobile device, then vote for your favourite.

Our own Hal Niedzviecki is the Deathmatch’s first moderator/colour commentator, and he’s not pulling any punches either. Over the next weeks we’ll have writers giving their perspective on the literary carnage, right on the Deathmatch website. Make your voice heard where your voice really counts! (from Richard Rosenbaum)