British anti-jargon group blasts ‘ambient’ sausage snack

British anti-jargon campaigners were celebrating Monday after forcing a supermarket chain to change the labelling on a sausage snack which had been described as “ambient”.

The Plain English Campaign said it had no idea what the “ambient sausage roll” was, adding the snack on sale at Co-operative stores took the linguistic biscuit.

“It’s caused much amusement,” said a spokeswoman.

Campaigners decided to complain about what they described as the “bizarre” title given to the roll after they were contacted by a succession of baffled shoppers.

The supermarket quickly admitted an “administrative error” which it said was being corrected.

A spokeswoman said that “the word ‘ambient’ was incorrectly printed on the label.

“This is now being rectified but thank you for drawing this to our attention and apologies for any confusion this may have caused.”