AJE Special Report: Life and Death in Haiti

Focus: People and Power HOPE AMONG THE RUBBLE updated Wednesday, Febr. 3, 2010


“This most recent disaster may have momentarily caught the attention of politicians, journalists and NGOs but there is more than a whiff of guilt attached to some of the help from richer nations, which could – and arguably should – have previously done much more to lift Haiti out of poverty and despair.

And when the television lights go off and the hospital ships sail away, many of those same underlying problems will still be there and Haiti will be on its own once more.

So what then for Haiti’s shattered government and traumatised people? What part will either be able to play in its reconstruction?

In the days following the disaster, People & Power’s Juliana Ruhfus and Caroline Pare set out to try and answer these questions, focusing their attention on Haiti’s own response to the calamity to see whether it contained any seeds of a brighter future.”

Continued at the Al Jazeera English weblink posted above.  The special report,a video and other information can be found at the Al Jazeera English website.