Germany sets sights on European army

A European army under parliamentary control is top of Germany’s wish list, according to its foreign minister.

In an address to the Munich Security Conference, Guido Westerwelle said the Lisbon Treaty opened a new chapter for the EU, one which requires the bloc to assume its political role as a world leader.

“A world leader that can react quickly and efficiently to international crises. Our long-term goal is to establish a European army, under the full control of parliament,” he added.

A temporary mission force, EUFOR already exists but the Lisbon Treaty opens the possibility of creating “permanent military cooperation structures” between several pioneering states.

The second day of the defence conference has again heard calls for Iran to meet demands over its disputed nuclear programme.

US National Security advisor James Jones said:
“The unprecedented level of international consensus and unity on Iran with regard to its nuclear programme demonstrates that Tehran must meet its responsibilities or face stronger sanctions and perhaps even deeper isolation.”

On Friday, Iran however said it was confident of a deal soon over exchanging some of its low-enriched uranium for higher grade fuel which could be used in a reactor producing medical isotopes.