My favorite Anime…. part 1!

Holla Guyz!

Today i kick start my blog with listing my 3 favorite animes. Actually i’m not a hardcore anime/manga fan (aka Otaku) but always love to watch it! Now here is my list!


Detective Conan. Nothing barbaric about him!

Created by Gosho Aoyama, this is about a teenager named Jimmy (or Shinichi) Kudo, a kick ass young detective who love to doing the job with the cops. He’s later become Conan Edogawa, thanks to a flawed poisoning attempt, which intends to kill him but instead turning him into a little kid! He lived with his girlfriend Rachel (or Ran), and Rach’s papa, Detective Richard Moore (Maury or Mori). As a child, Jimmy or Conan helps Richard solve a plethora of murder cases, while trying to find the culprit who poisioned him, to steal the poison and create an antidote! This anime has aired in Japan since ’96 till today! (further info:


Love this silly cop! Paul Blart, here is ur friend!

Also known as “Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen Mae Hashutsujo” or “This is the police station in front of Kameari Park in Katsushika Ward”, This anime about a misadventures of a middle-aged but childish yet slack-ass police officer named Kankichi Ryoutsu. Theres a lots of humor and mishaps done by this guy, however he is ace in apprehending baddies, in any means neccessary! (Plus some hot policewomen who you can wish to get arrested by her!) This is also a longest running manga series (comic) ever since 1976! (34 years old and still walking!) The anime version of Kochikame aired in 1996 until 2005. Definitely my favorite! This hell of a comedy manganime is created by Osamu Akimoto.(


I run Japan. Hatoyama can take a break

This is my all-time favorite since i was a 5 years old! Created by Fujiko F Fujio (a tag team of Hiroshi Fujimoto and Fujiko A Fujio aka Moto Abiko- the same guy behind other opus like Perman and Kiteretsu Daihakka – i talk about these 2 later.) This is about a future robotic cat (or fox, if you will hehe) named Doraemon who get sended by a guy name Sewashi to help his great great grandfather, Nobita Nobi, who is teribbly sucks at everything (academiccaly, sports, always bullied) except taking an afternoon nap. Doraemon has a unique ‘4-dimesion’ pocket that contains a plethora of future gadgets like a “Go-anywhere door”, “Escape Loop”, “Time Machine” etc etc, which helps Nobita in acheiving something even altered his exam mark. (iPad or any Apple stuff not included in this pocket.) The interesting thing about Doreamon is there is no ending! No ending i say! (even some fellas make an ending of it, but it’s fake) Other interesting infos, the Japan Foreign Ministry appointed Doraemon as their ‘Anime Ambassador’ as well as Japanese cultural icon. (

OK, there is my first 3 anime… more to come! (and pardon my average english…. again!)