Brave New Foundation announces “Cuentame” a new project focusing on our Latino community

I wanted to share an announcement with you from Robert Greenwald of the Brave New Foundation.  A new project of films in reaction to members of the Teabag Party claiming “Mexicans Are Filthy Stinking Animals”  Vicki

Join Cuentame

I am very pleased and excited to present to you our latest project Cuéntame and your hosts Axel Caballero and Ofelia Yañez.

Join us as we tackle wide-ranging subjects from latest in Latino culture, music and arts to exposing Tea Party racism and Glenn Beck’s dangerous hate speech.

– Robert Greenwald

¡Hola Vicki!,

As hosts of Cuéntame we want to tell you a bit about ourselves, the project and about our latest campaign against Tea Party racism and violence.

Both Ofelia and I have seen with great sadness and frustration how Tea Partiers have unjustly and unfairly targeted the Latino community to further their political agenda. This is why our latest campaign exposing Tea Party racism has hit a nerve, not only within the Latino community but also with many folks across the country who like us are fed-up of all the hatred, the violence and the bigotry peddled by teabaggers.

From calling Mexicans “filthy, stinking animals,” to listening the likes of Tom Tancredo and Sarah Palin deliver hateful speech after hateful speech to the increase use of violence in their words and actions, Teabaggers have come out in full force against our community.

We are fed up and are ready to fight back. You can help us not only by watching and spreading our videos, but also by joining our page and recruiting your friends – Latino or not – to do the same:

Watch the first video: “Exposing The Racism”

Watch the second video: “Demand An Explanation”

Watch the third video: “The GOP Supports the Teabaggers”

Tea Partiers boast a presence of hundreds of thousands on social networks and in order to be able to expose their true colors we need as many of you, your family and friends to join Cuéntame and take action.

Cuéntame is a community of Facebook users where Latinos and the general public can connect and interact with fellow Facebook fans, activists, artists, bloggers, public figures, musicians journalists and other community members. In Spanish Cuéntame has a double meaning: “Count me in,” and “Tell me your story.”

Both Ofelia and I are very proud to be part of this project. As Latinos living in Los Angeles, we are thrilled to be able to inform and engage our community around the most important issues nationwide that are impacting the daily lives of our friends and families.

Ofelia was born in Mexico City. Her parents, wanting to flee the heavy crime and in an effort to provide a better education for their children, decided to migrate to the U.S. about 20 years ago when Ofelia was six years old.

I was born in the northern city of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico three hours from the border with Nogales, Arizona. I am what you would consider a border child, always going back and forth between both countries until finally residing permanently here in the United States eleven years ago.

We are looking forward to seeing and talking with you directly on Facebook and want to thank you in advance for becoming part of this project.

Hasta pronto,

Axel Caballero, Ofelia Yañez
and the Cuéntame team

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