Asnycnow Editor/Presenter Nikolaidis Appears on ”Listening Post”

Vicki N, as Seen on ''The Listening Post''

Asnycnow’s Europe Editor and ”The Interview” presenter Vicki Nikolaidis Appears on a segment for Alajzeera English’s ”[The] Listening Post”

Vicki Nikolaidis, Presenter of ”The Interview” and Asnycnow’s European Affais Editor appeared on The Aljazeera English Program ”Listening Post” as a part of their ”Global Village Voices” segment , where Viewers can comment on the Stories given on the Program.

What Was Vicki Commenting On?

Asnycnow Editor and ''The Interview'' presenter Vicki Nikolaidis

Vicki was on the ”Listening Post” during the show’s second ”Global Village Voices”, about a report filed by Meenakshi Ravi  Over the Following :

Late last month, a judge in the Italian city of Milan ruled against three Google executives in a case of infringement of privacy. The company was being held criminally responsible for violent and offensive content in a 2006 video clip uploaded to its site.

It was the first ruling of its kind and it stirred up huge controversy, not least because new media in Italy has been fending off legal attacks since last year.

The Berlusconi government has locked horns with Google over its online video services and the web is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for the political opposition.

How Did We Find Out?

I found out the Same way Her Followers Did : On Twitter.