Tweeting for Fun – Ray Beckerman offers some Twitter advice

Here is some great advice about Tweeting from a buddy Tweetagator, Ray Beckerman, @RayBeckerman.  Hopefully you are following us on Twitter!@Vicki_in_Greece @Asnyc @AsnycnowRadio or @Asnycnow15News. Vicki

A little basic Twitter advice for new or inactive peeps

Saturday, March 13, 2010

by Ray Beckerman

The most important juncture at which people decide whether or not to follow you is the point at which you begin to follow them. So don’t even bother to start following people until you’ve taken care of 1 and 2 below:

1. Upload a picture for your ‘avatar’.

2. Put something in your ‘bio’ section.

A few other points:

3. Be interactive.

4. Be yourself, not phony.

5. Don’t be all about yourself, take an interest in others.

Those are the basics. The following points really just flow from those principles.

6. Retweet other people, but not with Twitter’s newly invented fake”retweet” button; it kills conversation and makes you invisible to everybody. Use old-fashioned retweets which were developed by the people, not by Twitter [For explanation about why and how, go here].

7. If you would like some of your tweets to be retweeted, (a) make them good; (b) make them short; and (c) be a retweeter yourself. Don’t ask people to retweet you. If you need to ask, it’s because you’re not doing a good enough job at (a), (b), and (c).

8. Don’t worry about how to get a lot of followers. Just follow, and pay attention to, people you appreciate. It is not the numbers, but the quality and cohesiveness of your Twitter family, that makes Twitter worthwhile. If people aren’t following you, drop ’em… unless you have some very special reason for following someone who is not interested in you.

9. Don’t follow celebrities, “suggested” accounts, “must follows”, “power” twitters, or “best” or “top” twitters or lists; following them is the easiest way to get frustrated with Twitter, and wind up like most people — quitting, or going inactive. Lists of “power” tweeps are nothing but hype. Sometimes a person is considered very “influential” just because he or she has been around since the early days of Twitter, is a friend of the people making the recommendation, and tweets about nothing but social media, which is a subject in which all Twitter users have at least some degree of interest. Follow people because they are good tweeps, not because they get on the front page of People magazine, or because they are supposedly a “guru”. Look for people who are interactive and unselfish, whose style is pleasing to your sensibilities, and who tweet about things that are really up YOUR alley, not anyone else’s. The idea is to make friends, not “followers” and “fans”. Twitter’s new business plan of promoting advertising for its paying customers, along with targeted “lists” and fake “retweets” which only promote the paying customers but not us, is pure Web 1.0 — talking AT people. We are here to talk TO people.

10. Forget about Twitter’s terminology — ‘updating’ your ‘timeline’ for your ‘friends’. That is bunk. That is the one thing Twitter is not for. (Unless of course, unlike my friends, your friends really do care what you’re doing every minute of the day.) Twitter is for almost anything you want to make it: making new friends, making people laugh, getting a laugh, sharing thoughts, sharing information, making the world a better place, learning, teaching, kvetching, almost anything you can think of. Except, of course, “updating” your “timeline” for your friends.

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