Michael Lohan Publicly Urges Lindsay To Get Rehab

Michael Lohan once again summoned TV cameras to his lawyer’s office Tuesday. This time the alleged purpose was to make a cross-country plea, urging his starlet daughter to check herself into rehab.

“Lindsay is not ok. I think we’ve seen that and we all know that. ”

The story is a familiar one. For months now Lindsay Lohan has been rumored to be back to her hard-partying ways. Her estranged father says he’s determined to convince her she’ll put herself in the grave if she doesn’t give up drugs and alcohol.

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“I’m here today because everybody’s been calling me and asking me questions about Lindsay.”

It’s hard to blame spectators for being a little skeptical about papa Lohan’s motives. The 49-year-old recently announced plans to launch a new reality TV series following 10 “celebrities” as they go on a “tour of charity.” Was Lohan hoping to drum up a little support for the television project? He didn’t say. It’s safe to say his stars aren’t exactly A-listers. So far LiLo’s dad has inked a deal with Hailey Glassman, one of Jon Gosselin’s ex-girlfriends.

He’s also reportedly in talks with other former Gosselin girls including Morgan Christie and Kate Major, with whom Michael Lohan has been romantically linked.

The reality show didn’t come up in the news conference. Instead Michael Lohan focused on his daughter saying she’s “not okay.” He warned the 24-year-old actress’s enablers to “get the hell out of the way.”

VOTE: Michael Lohan: Does He Really Care About Lindsay?

“This is not about publicity and this is not about me,” insisted the media-magnet father. “If anything I get ripped apart for doing things like this.”

He also said he wants Lindsay to go to rehab on Long Island rather than Hollywood.

“I’ve tried every way possible to reach out to my daughter,” Lohan said. “We’ve done it privately. I’ve talked to her. I’ve texted her. We’ve met and at difficult times she contacts me and reaches out to me for help.It happened just last week when she fell into the cactus and said daddy I need security. ”

The Long Island father was referring to an incident last week when his daughter reportedly stumbled into a prickly desert plant while wearing high heels.

TMZ reports Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina lashed out at her ex-husband for the Long Island news conference. Dina Lohan claims her daughter is just fine.