Haiti asks the international community for help

Haiti will ask the world for four billion dollars to help it rebuild and modernise in the wake of the earthquake which decimated the country.

Around 120 countries, international organisations and aid groups will meet at the UN in New York to pledge support for a Haitian government recovery plan.

“Haiti is still an independent country. We appreciate donors’ help, but its important to let us take responsibility for ourselves. Don’t help out with the aim of taking control of the country, I wouldn’t like that.” said one man.

The earthquake on the 12th of January kılled 220 thousand and left one and a half million homeless. The cost of the damage and economic loss ıs estimated at around 14 bıllıon dollars, the equivalent of almost one point two times Haiti’s GDP.

In Port au Prince, where the majority of activity is concentrated, 100 thousand houses were flattened and 200 thousand were damaged, while 1,300 schools and 50 health clinics were destroyed.

“They don’t want charity. They are not just waiting now for the New York conference to give them a lot of money. They are ready to move ahead themselves and turn this into something positive.” said Marcel Stoessel from Oxfam International.

The EU and a coalition of US-based aid groups have hinted they are likely to pledge almost three billion dollars at today’s conference.

U.S. President Barack Obama has already asked Congress for 2.8 billion dollars in recovery funds.