Fort Parker: The First Crow Agency

Project Archaeology

Fort Parker was established as the first Crow Agency by the Treaty of Laramie of 1868 and was built along Mission Creek about 9 miles East of Livingston, Montana. Under the Agents Fellows D. Pease, James Wright and Dexter Clapp, Fort Parker established important ties to the Crow Indian Nation through the distribution of annuities provided for by the treaty. From 1869 to 1875, the community at Fort Parker saw births, deaths, holidays, Indian attacks and a tragic fire. The richness of Fort Parker’s story is coming to light as Crystal Alegria and Marsha Fulton piece together the history of this important national site.

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Crystal Alegria and Marsha Fulton are piecing together the historical puzzle of Fort Parker through research and surface archaeology. Come hear the story as it unfolds in their presentation Fort Parker: A Portal to the Past. Fort Parker saw births, deaths, holidays, violence and a tragic fire. The inimitable spirit of …the people of Fort Parker, both Indian and white, persevered through great hardship. Hear the story of these people and their struggle against the dangers of the Montana Territory!

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