Which is the greenest USA city of all?

WHICH US city is the greenest of all, in terms of numbers of energy-efficient commercial buildings? The surprising answer is Los Angeles, with 293, well ahead of Washington DC with 203 and San Francisco with 173, reports the US Environmental Protection Agency this week.

The rankings are part of the agency’s annual list of the top 25 US cities earning “energy star” ratings for their commercial and municipal buildings.

At 7 million square meters, LA also had the greatest amount of floor space in energy-starred buildings and the highest energy cost savings, at $94 million. Houston, which came sixth in the list, would be first based on total energy savings, with reductions in consumption equivalent to 53,400 homes.

Overall, 3900 US buildings last year earned an EPA energy star, saving 4.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Stars are awarded to nominees that are among the 25 per cent using energy most efficiently.