Why Peace Corps? Why Now?

Volunteer teaching

Because the things you’re doing now are important.

Learning in language and science classes, playing on a soccer team, participating in student government, playing in a band, competing at computer games—these all provide you with skills relevant for Peace Corps service. Whether you’d be beekeeping Fiji, developing business plans in Swaziland, or teaching English in Guatemala, the things you are learning now can make a difference.

Because the Peace Corps can help accelerate your future and your career.

Through the Peace Corps, you will learn to speak a new language fluently. You will acquire international work experience. You will gain lifelong access to a network of returned Peace Corps Volunteers. You may even find direction and passion for what you want to do with your life.

Because you get to learn about yourself, other people, other cultures, and other worlds.

The Peace Corps enables you to grow as an individual, a community member, and as a human being. By living on your own in a foreign country, you’ll challenge yourself in completely new ways. By living and working in community, you’ll form close relationships with people who are very different from you. You’ll become part of a community and take part in all of the events, holidays, and traditions that form their culture. By living in another country that needs help that you can provide, you step outside of your world and experience life from a new perspective.