It’s a man’s world in the Big Apple

You can forget about “Sex and the City,” this is a man’s town, according to a ranking by The Big Apple beat out 28 other cities based on jobs, vacation time, nightlife, the ratio of single men to single women, weather and other categories.

Even after losing thousands of jobs in the financial sector, New York beat out Chicago, last year’s top town. Miami, the next best U.S. city this year, came in seventh.

“We’re positioning the best cities that you can live in say, for a year, somewhere exotic, with cultural options, and job opportunities as well, and also entertainment as a man, which includes clubs and fresh air options,” James Bassil, the website’s editor-in-chief, told Reuters.

The website compiled its list with help from contributors around the world and a statistician.

Still, some New Yorkers weren’t so sure about the victory, particularly when it comes to the local weather.

“The weather — forget about it,” said Peter Dudine, a stockbroker from Brooklyn who otherwise gave the city high marks. “That destroys its reputation. You see the sun maybe one or two days.”