‘Gaza We Are Coming’ Big winner of12th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

‘Gaza We Are Coming’ by Yorgos Avgeropoulos and Yiannis Karipidis has been awarded with the audience prize for the best Greek film with duration over 45 minutes.

2009_Gaze_We_Are_Coming_02The documentary which records the historic and risky journey of 44 activists from all over the world, who broke the naval siege of Gaza for the first time in 41 years with two small fishing boats, was the audience’s first choice with 4.792 votes.

The prize that is sponsored by the Hellenic Red Cross is accompanied by a money award of 10.000 euros. According to a statement made by Yorgos Avgeropoulos on behalf of the film’s team, the money will be donated to fund the new mission of Free Gaza Movement and for the rebuilding of Gaza. Furthermore Yiannis Karipidis stressed that in about 40 days, four to five big cargo vessels will sail with final destination the port of Gaza. “This project has now grown”, he said. “Many countries are participating and nothing can stop it anymore”.

26723_377866019527_186080539527_3529878_8163212_nThe organizers for the new mission who were present at the award ceremony at Olympion called from the stage to the audience and state representatives to support this project, while Palestinian students who study in Thessaloniki raised a banner that read: “Gaza – 1.500.000 people live in a high security prison”.

Concerts and screenings

By winning the major award of the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, ‘Gaza We Are Coming’ becomes the ‘ambassador’ of the new risky mission of the Free Gaza Movement that will begin in the end of April. Screenings of the documentary have already been scheduled all around Greece. At the same time many artists and musicians are uniting their voices by participating in concerts whose aim is to raise awareness.