Book Review:”Charactered Pieces” by Caleb J. Ross

Do you ever wonder where the Charactered Pieces go? Where we shuffle off to during the day, barely visible in the bright sunshine? Do we sleep at night like others? Do we simply slump to the ground when tired?
We live not so differently than the rest of you really, but without the worries of your concerns with superficiality. We have enough reality to keep us occupied.
Caleb J. Ross can seemingly observe the unobservable. He beautifully describes the lives of the ignored, the misplaced, the ostracized, and the other edge-feeders of society.
Caleb’s world or is it my world . . . before you understand what is happening it is your world and you will be sharing a space in your brain with Charactered Pieces several weeks after you thought you had finished the stories.
He respectfully offers us insights into lives with this smooth slender slip of a perfectly sized Chapbook. His phenomenal artwork graces the cover, but don’t look too hard, the drawing will make sense later.
The power of the pieces is Caleb’s encyclopedic knowledge of those of us able to puzzle through life without too much blood noticeably seeping from our surgically basted up wounds.
Each short story is unique. Caleb uses an uncanny process to pick at the roughened scabs of fully lived lives to see what is underneath.