Greek PM Suggests Euro-Mediterranean Cooperation

PAPANDREOU_LIVANOSGreek Prime Minister George Papandreou is attending the Arab Economic Forum taking place in Lebanon. In his address, he touched on the close friendly and historic ties Greece enjoys with the Arab nations, further underlining the nee for an Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. Papandreou met Thursday morning with his Lebanese counterpart Saad Hariri.

Proposal for a Mediterranean Union

Addressing a forum of Arab businessmen in Lebanon, the Greek Prime Minister proposed the creation of the Union for the Mediterranean nations.

“Peace, stability and security can be established in the area, where the Middle East, north Africa and the EU nations can joint forces in key matters pertaining to economy, culture and society,” said George Papandreou, noting that a close cooperation between Europe and the Mediterranean nations has always been one of Greece’s keynote goals.
Although it is a pretty ambitious idea, added Papandreou, such a cooperation could create a zone of peace, stability and security in the wider area.
“Stability in the area concerns all the involved nations,” argued he, explaining that climate change could deteriorate already existing problems that have to do with water and food and could pose new threats to human health, the ecosystem and the nations’ economies.
Drawing his attention to the business environment in Greece, he stressed that it is radically changing.”We are experiencing what should have been done decades ago,” argued George Papandreou, adding that his government has committed itself to the above goal.

“We won’t be satisfied until the new economy model starts generating tangible results for Greece,” argued he.

Source: NET 105.8