My Thoughts on May 21st’s WWE Smackdown!

The May 21st Airing of Smackdown was the start of different rivalries, The S.E.S inducting new members, J.T.G finally getting a push, Christian’s ”Peep Show”  and Hornswaggle’s Return to Friday Nights. Here’s the Breakdown:

Straight Edge Society, Rey Mysterio and 3 new S.E.S members

At the start of the show, CM Punk (along with Serena and Luke Gallows) inducted three new members into the life of Straight Edge. This comes as a masked Stranger interrupted Rey Mysterio’s match the week before ,thus reigniting the old Question: Just How Many Members of the S.E.S are there? Rey Later Shows up and from the entrance shows the audience what would happen to Punk on the Titantron if he Loses at Over the Limit– a Bald C.M Punk, then when the show returns from break, S.E.S beats up the 3 Newbie SESs as a message to Rey.

My Take: since Over the Limit is Tomorrow Night, We’re in the final Hours before the ”Join S.E.S or C.M’s Hair”  Match , It marks one of two things to Happen : The Start of Rey’s Run in S.E.S or the END of S.E.S with Punk going bald & the S.E.S falls apart.

Team Lay-Cool ( Michelle McCool and Layla El) v.Tiffany and Kelly Kelly

The Self Professed Co-Women’s Champions Lay-Cool (actually Layla is Women’s Champ,Michelle Just wears a Plastic Replica of the belt) faced off against Ex-ECW GM Tiffany and Kelly Kelly.

At First, it was Kelly v Layla, Layla had Kelly in a headlock, but broke it off and put Kelly in a pin for 2, Layla twisted Kelly’s arm but Kelly did an Arabian Press to arm drag Layla.

Moments Later Tiffany Was Tagged in, And hit a Sunset Flip on Layla for the 2 count. Tiffany hit a Monkey Flip but Layla kneed her in the stomach after and tagged Michelle for the FaithBreaker for the 3 count moments Later.

My Take: Tiffany and Kelly Kelly are most Athletic since both were former Gymnasts and Cheerleaders, I Think they Should of Won but on the Flipside it was good to see Lay-Cool NOT acting like Teenagers unlike the Weeks before.

J.T.GCaylen Croft (of the Dude Busters)

J.T.G (formerly of Cryme Time) went up against one-half of the Dude Busters, Caylen Croft, which was accompanied by his fellow ‘DudeBuster’ Trent Barreta. JTG later won the match

My Take: Now that ‘Cryme Tyme’ has broken up and Shad is getting a push as a heel, J.T.G finally earned a push as a face, and hope to see more of J.T.G’s career continue to flourish.

Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins v. Brent Roberts & Jeremy Barner

Vance and Curt, who have 22 days to make an Impact, went up against two Local Competitors Brent Roberts and Jeremy Barner. Vance and Curt would win the match. Following thir match they were acknowledging that they can make an Impact in 22 Days.

My Take: This is the first time Local Competitors are used in storyline on WWE Television Since WWE Velocity and WWE Heat Ended in 2008. Normally the Jobbers and Locals would fight in Dark Matches during theRAWNXT and Smackdown Taping on Tuesdays as well as some matches on WWE Superstars and the WWE farm FCW. So I’m Indifferent to this match since Curt himself came from FCW and may be in risk of going back to FCW if he Doesn’t make an Impact. And I’m still hoping Velocity and Heat return to TV soon.

The Return of Christian’s ‘Peep Show’

The May 21st Airing, saw the return of the well-known ‘Peep Show’ officially taking the place of Edge’s ‘Cutting Edge’. Christian was backstage talking with Smackdown Consultant Vickie Guerrero about who will be his first guest for the show. Vickie was (obviously) dropping hints that she wants to be the first guest, but Christian reaffirmed that it is not his show but for thePeeps. Christian then said the Peeps sent him a few Ideas of who should be the first guest:

  • WWE US Champion Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart
  • The Mountie
  • the Brooklyn Brawler (now a WWE Road agent)
  • Jared Fogle from the Subway Commercial (who appeared on RAW)
  • and finally Lester, the guy who loves Chicken (and NO i Didn’t make up that character)

Vickie told Christian to amuse her, but Christian gave her a hint that his guess never saw eye to eye. Later on, The guest was revealed to be Hornswoggle(!) Vickie with her nephew Chavo interrupted and shut down the show, saying No one wants to hear what that little troll wants to say,Christian told her that he was going to teach him ‘Obesity’ and ‘moose’. She told him to Leave or else she would get someone to get him out, Chavo walked to the ring,and then Dolph Ziggler attacks Christian from behind.

My Take: This could be the start of a new Face v. Heel for Smackdown. Since Christian and Dolph’s Paths never crossed until that day, I am looking forward to see what happens Next Friday.

Big Show’s Many Accolades, ‘Did You Know?’ Segment

The Big Show introduces himself like this: Hi, I’m The Big Show, the number 1 contender for the World Heavyweight  championship and Show said Swagger went to Univ. of Ok on a full scholarship. Show snapped his fingers and was handed a piece of paper. Show said Swagger was a waltz ballroom dancing champion, weird. then Show said do you Remeber when Show gave a right hand to Swagger’s face 3 Weeks ago…”And thats one of my Many Accolades” and then he flashes a grin similar to Swagger.

MVP & Rey Mysterio v. CM Punk & Luke Gallows

Rey Mysterio teamed up with MVP went up against CM Punk and the S.E.S’s First Disciple Luke Gallows. MVP and Mr 619 won the match.

My Take: This was a great warm-up for ‘Over The Limit’ and now that we’re in the Final Countdown before the PPV, Lets See who Wins.

Kofi Kingston v. Jack Swagger

Kofi, still Irritated after being stripped of the IC title when Drew Macintyre was reinstated by a letter written by Mr McMahon himself fought WHC Swagger in a non-title match. the Big Show came out during the match and distracted Swagger long enough for Swagger to go through Trouble in Paradise and Show pointed to the TitanTron for a ‘Did You Know’ and it said: KOFI JUST BEAT YOU!

My Take: I’m Hoping that Kofi reclaims the title at ‘Over The Limit’, and that the so-called ”Chosen One”gets dropped off his pedestal, but then again Chances are that SOMEHOW the ‘Chosen One’ may be Champion.

Big Show v. Drew Macintyre

Drew, who as I mentioned before, was reinstated to SmackDown and was Rewarded back the IC Belt after a Letter written by McMahon basically overriding GM Teddy Long’s Authority faced off in a Non-Title Match against the Big Show.

The Big Show won by DQ, after Swagger interrupted the match, and stepped on Show’s right hand. Show was Visibly Angry and went after him and he ran out of the arena. That serves as Revenge for Earlier Tonight when Show interrupted Swagger’s Match.

My Take: Can jack Swagger avoid Show’s Right Hand like Drew Macintyre? Was Show’s Hand Seriously Damaged? My Prediction for ‘Over The Limit’ will be out Tomorrow.