Michael Cole v Daniel Bryan , Part 2

The Daniel Bryan v. Michael Cole feud on WWE NXT is getting close  to be a real slobberknocker.

On the May 25th NXT Broadcast from Cleveland, Ohio, Michael Cole (who i am starting to like as a heel announcer) had another Confrontation with Eliminated NXT Rookie Daniel Bryan.

Michael had security guards standing around him. Michael said he wasn’t going to take up much time.

Michael said there are 4 men trying to become the next breakout star and he understands that the program is not about him but he needs to address something that happened last week.

They showed the video of Daniel attacking Michael Cole last week.

Michael said he still has problems watching that. Michael said it’s been an extremely traumatic week for him and he’s been meeting with his team of attorneys(wtf?) and they have advised him to have security guards.

Michael said he can sue Daniel Bryan for everything he’s worth but he’s going to be more of a man than that;

The Confrontation

Michael said Daniel could publicly apologize. Michael said if he doesn’t apologize, he’s getting taken to court. Daniel came out. Daniel said there’s no need for the security guards, he’s going to apologize.

Michael said he doesn’t believe him. Daniel said being in the WWE is his dream and right now he doesn’t have a job. Michael said that was his own fault.

Daniel said if this was what it’s going to take he’ll do it. Michael said he would be a man about it and shake his hand.

Daniel admitted that he stepped over the line.

Michael told the security guards they could leave but to wait outside the ring.

Daniel said he’s sorry, really really truly sorry. Michael asked if it was all over.

Daniel said it was and shook Michael’s hand. Daniel said he was sorry that Michael Cole is the worst announcer by far in the history of the WWE! (finally someone on WWE TV tells the truth)

Michael’s Reason for ripping on Daniel

Michael said the reason he ripped on Daniel is because Daniel didn’t deserve it. Daniel said he has more heart than anyone else.

Michael said Daniel may be the best wrestler in the back, but he’s no longer in the competition. Michael told Daniel to take a look in the mirror and quit making excuses.

Michael said to stop blaming management, himself, and The Miz. Michael said Daniel did not have what it takes to be here.

Michael said Daniel calls himself the submission specialist and his catchphrase is “Tap or Snap” but the only person who tapped out is him! Michael said Daniel tapped out of this competition because he’s a loser, and losers have no heart!

And Then…

Daniel tried to attack Michael but the security jumped on him. Michael bailed from the ring and Daniel broke free. Daniel charged Michael Cole and tackled him hard!

The security guards pulled Daniel up the ramp. Daniel started to leave and Miz began yelling at him.

Daniel attacked Miz so the security guards had to pull them apart from each other.

My Take on Cole V Bryan….

I Like seeing Michael Cole as a heel announcer, I Hope WWE Keeps him as a heel Instead of switching him back-and-forth from heel on NXT to face on RAW. And as for Daniel , I Really want to see his old  ”American Dragon” persona from his days at ROH.

The Cole v Bryan feud is one of the best feuds of the Year, and the WWE is doing a good job of showing us some what of a slice of the ‘WWF Attitude’ albeit in a PG Rated Program.