Current Asnycnow Radio 2 Schedule

WeekendThrowback | Saturdays 130p and 3-4p / Sundays 230-4p
Asnycnow Radio 2 will have a review of the songs played during the previous week and songs from our ”The 90′s Remix” Special.

Saturday Edition | Saturdays 10a-1p
Asnycnow Radio 2′s ‘Saturday Edition’ or ‘S.E” will have the latest hits over music plus the latest news and weather updates plus Information on upcoming Concerts .

Radio 2 Live | Thursdays 430p / Saturdays 3p and 5p / Sundays 12p-130p and 3-330p
Asnycnow Radio 2 Live will play songs requested by our Listeners via Twitter and our Facebook pages plus a replay of our ”WeekendThrowback” and our List of shows from our Thursday airing of ‘Radio 2 Live’.

ZuneCollection | Saturdays 1p-3p and 5p / Sundays 4p-5p and 630p / Monthly Program on Asnycnow Radio 2
The Zune Collection serves as homage to Zune with the latest songs that Zune Users ( including US Editor Andy S.) find popular and the latest announcements about Zune and latest ‘New To Radio 2′ releases.

LateMix | Fridays 1135p-1235a and Saturdays 1205a-105a

For the Friday and Saturday Insomniacs, the Late Mix is for You with Pop and Techno remixes from our collection plus Nightly Weather and Concert information passed over Twitter.

The 80′s Rollcall | Mondays 4-435p / Tuesdays 320-330p / Wednesdays 4-5p
Our Homage to the 1980′s with Classics from Journey, A-ha , Rick Astley(Mr RickRoll) and More hits from the 1980′s.

The 90′s Remix| Fridays 8p and Saturdays 5p
An Official Review of Hip-hop and Pop from the 1990′s that Serves as a Tribute to the Original ‘Video Music Box’ (airing on NYC’s WNYE Channel 25) with a call to our ‘WeekendThrowback’ series

Radio 2 Weekend | Saturday Mornings 8-10a and Sunday Mornings 9am-1130am
Weekend Mornings are Dedicated to Pop with some of our Favorite songs and replays from our ‘Radio 2 Live’, ‘Top 20 Playlist’ with Horoscope and Weather Updates over Twitter.

Insane Clown Posse 1/2 Hour | Fridays 5pm and 630p / Saturdays 6pm and 730p
Insane Clown Posse invade Radio 2 with a collection of their songs with Updates over our Twitter page

Asnycnow Radio 2 Nightcast| Overnight Weekends
The Nightcast serves as a time for Easy Listening and Jazz Music. With Overnight Business and Weather Updates over Twitter