Guest Hosting Duties for Raw End June 14th

In My Posting ‘My Thoughts for May 24th’s Raw‘ I Thought since Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart became RAW General Manager on May 24th, I Assumed that the Guest Host for the Night, Comedian Jon Lovitz would be the Last Guest Host. I Was Wrong.

Instead, There are 3 FINAL Guest Hosts according to

  • Actor Ashton Kutcher from the upcoming film ‘Killers’,He will  Guest Host on  May 31st
  • The Cast of the upcoming movie ‘the A- Team’: Bradley Cooper, Quinton Jackson and Sharlto Cople will Host on June 7th.

And the FINAL Guest host will be Mark Feuerstein from the USA Network Series ‘Royal Pains’ He Will Guest Host on June 14th, His Show Returns to USA Network on June 3rd 10/9c

After that, there are no futher Guest Hosts Listed online.

This is Indeed a Breath of Fresh Air that Now that RAW has a General Manager, WWE has decided to Let the 3 Guest Hosts be the Last.  And the ‘Raw’ Creative Team( the people behind WWE Raw) can at least write up better storylines for the talent, without the emphasis on the Guest Host of that Particular Night or Turning Raw into a Parody of TV Shows:

Here are some of the Parodies of TV Shows Raw Did

  • When Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne Guest Hosted Raw on Nov 2nd,2009WWE RAW Became ‘Raw’s Got Talent’ (Sharon is a Judge for NBC’s ”America’s Got Talent”( Note : NBC owns USA, so its Parody wasnt a Big Deal)
  • When Bob Barker Guest Hosted Raw on Sept 7th,2009, He plugged his book ‘Priceless Memories”, and created a parody of the CBS show he fronted ‘The Price is Right’. He Turned Raw into ‘The Price was Raw’.
  • and, most notably, Jerry Springer Guest Hosted the Feb 15th, 2010Raw and brought elements from his show to Raw ( Note NBC, who owns USA , Their Syndication Division Produces ‘Springer’) and had some of the RAW Talent In Particular: Kelly Kelly, Nikki & Brie Bella, Santino Marella, Chris Masters, Hornswaggle,The Great Khali and Translator Ranjin Singh and Even Raw Commentators Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole got involved in this Idiotic Storyline. ( I Will Not go into Details) and it featured WWE Hall Of Famer Mae Young

With These Parodies, I am Glad that after June 14th, There will be no more Guest Hosts for Raw, no more plugs for Movies or TV Shows(NBC owned or Otherwise) and that RAW will be better entertaining than it has been in a couple of Weeks. Maybe It should take a page from WWE NXT (which Season Finale is Tuesday June 2nd) and WWE SmackDown! (which is to Move to Syfy in October) and have better In-ring segments (like the Cole v Bryan Feud that I’ve been writing)