My Thoughts on the June 4th’s WWE SmackDown!


On The June 4th SmackDown! from Dallas, Tex., Rey Mysterio overcame the SmackDown roster to capture the ominous Superstar’s place at WWE’s newest pay-per-view.

After a brutal weekend attack by an unknown assailant left The Undertaker

“unresponsive to medical attention” – and unable to compete at the upcoming Fatal 4-Way,

Rey Mysterio won the SmackDown Battle Royal and qualified for the World Heavyweight ChampionshipMatch at Fatal-4-Way


SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long sent shockwaves throughout the WWE Universe, informing SmackDown that over Memorial Day weekend, The Undertaker was found by his brother Kane “in a vegetative state,” following a vicious assault of unknown origins.

Since The Deadman will no longer be able to be part of the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Fatal 4-Way, the quick-thinking GM determined that every Superstar on the roster would have an opportunity to take his place in a special SmackDown Battle Royal.

When the smoke cleared in the high-stakes match of mayhem, it was Rey Mysterio who stood in triumph. Ironically, out of all the Superstars that fought for the coveted championship opportunity, it was The Demon of Death Valley’s brother Kane whose feet were destined to hit the floor last. Just when it looked as if The Big Red Monster was ready to hurl Mysterio from the ring with the chokeslam, The Ultimate Underdog countered, sending the frightening Superstar over the top rope and out to the arena floor.

As a result of his monumental victory, Mysterio will take the vacant spot in the SmackDown World Title main event at Fatal 4-Way in just more than two weeks.

My Take on the Battle Royal: I Would to see further development on The UnderTaker’s Condition, However, I Would Love to see Rey Mysterio as World Heavyweight Championship. I Really Enjoyed this SmackDown! Batte Royal, I Give the match an 8 of 10.

Kelly Kelly v. Rosa Mendes
With the self-professed “co-Women’s Champions” Layla & Michelle McCool looking on, Kelly Kelly, who has continued to show her potential for Friday night greatness, defeated the lovely Rosa Mendes with her high-powered K-2 legdrop.

My Take on Kelly v Mendes: Kelly Kelly is once again proving that her Contract shouldn’t of gone to someone else,Kelly easily defeated Mendes. I Loved the fact that with Laycool at ringside, Kelly did not get distracted.

Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston v. Drew McIntyre in an Intercontinental Championship Match
One week after a letter from WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon brought about the suspension of Matt Hardy, the temporarily banished Superstar bought a ticket to the SmackDown show in Dallas. He arrived just in time to watch Drew McIntyre exercise his rematch clause against Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston.

With a war torn Kofi lying outside the ring, the “Chosen One” suddenly turned his attention away from the match, swinging his fist into the crowd to backhand Hardy without warning. The commotion that ensued as Hardy tried to fight through security, allowed a rejuvenated Kingston to hit the SOS on McIntyre and retain his title. Moments later, Hardy jumped into the ring and executed the stunning Twist of Fate on the defeated No. 1 contender.

My Take On This Match , and the so-called ‘Chosen One’: I am Still Hoping that the Chosen One Gets Knocked off his Pedestal, and after Mr McMahon appearing on the May 31st’s Raw broadcast, I would Like to See Him on Smackdown! to explain his Letters. I Give the Match a 7.5 out of 10

World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger v. MVP
Immediately after Jack Swagger utilized a roll up to gain an extremely hard-fought victory over MVP, Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer emerged from nowhere to make their mark on The Franchise Playa. Focused on causing an impact before their limited WWE contract runs out, The Dude Busters delivered a swift yet decisive attack on The Ballin’ Superstar, leaving him reeling on the canvas.

My Take on What Happened: With Archer and Hawkins Desperate to make an Impact big enough to give them a full blown WWE Contract before they are sent to FCW, I fully understand why they did what they did. Will the Two be back around for Next Week’s SmackDown! or the June 7th ‘Viewer’s Choice’ Edition of Monday Night Raw which features the RAW andSmackDown! rosters in matches decided by people clicking to that has yet to be decided. On Swagger v, MVP with Archer and Hawkins interrupting, I Believe that MVP wasnt able to shine in this match unlike some of his previous matches on SmackDown!

Kane pledged to bring vengeance to those responsible for attacking The Undertaker
An intensely disheveled Kane came before the WWE Universe to lament the fall of his brother The Undertaker. Claiming that The Phenom may very well be gone forever, The Big Red Monster vowed to execute “swift, decisive vengeance” on any and all parties responsible for the “heinous assault” on the ominous Superstar. He then unleashed on a quest of absolute terror, storming through the halls of SmackDown to find The Deadman’s unknown assailant.

My Take: I Think We Should wait until June 7th’s Raw’ s Viewers Choice Edition and the June 11th Smackdown! to see what happens next. However the Conspiracy Theories are already out there and new ones are being hatched.