My Thoughts on June 7th’s WWE Monday Night Raw

On The June 7th Monday Night Raw from Miami, Florida was a Special Three Hour ‘Viewers Choice’ where the WWE Universe online picked the stipulations with The Guest Hosts being From the Upcoming Movie ‘The A- Team’ with Special Appearances by WWE Hall of Famers ‘Hot Rod’ Roddy Piper, ”Irwin R Shyster” aka Mike Rotunda, ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes and Legendary announcer ‘Mean Gene’ Okerlund.  And NXT Ring Announcer ‘Savannah’ aka Angela Fong was backstage Interviewer. It was Great to see her as a Backstage Interviewer.

However, I am not gonna talk about the ridiculous matches picked by the WWE Universe, the nest time there is a Viewers Choice ( should there ever be a second one) a note for WWE Do NOT pick Ridiculous Stipulations (i.e. Dance-off).

I Will Talk about the Ending of the Broadcast a Non-title match between WWE Champion John Cena and CM Punk which lead to a no-contest that turned into disaster.

This was one of the better matches put on the show, However the ending left many people wondering what the hell just happened.

Cena went for the mask but Punk exited the ring. Punk kicked Cena and locked in a headlock. Cena fought out of it and hit a shoulder block. Cena wrenched Punk’s arm, gave him a snapmare, and locked in a side headlock. Punk reversed it into a headlock of his own but Cena locked in a head scissors. Punk took control and drop kicked Cena in the back of the head. Punk locked in a head scissors.

Cena went for the STF but Punk grabbed the rope. Cena hit the bull dog but Luke grabbed his legs when he went for the 5 knuckle shuffle. Back from commercial Punk reversed an attitude adjustment into a DDT. Punk threw Cena out of the ring and Serena kicked him in the ribs. Punk began kicking Cena in the ribs but Cena hulked up and hit some shoulder block and the blue thunder driver. Wade Barrett came out and Cena got distracted staring at Wade as Wade slowly descended the ramp.

Suddenly the NXT season 1 Rookies came from the audience and attacked SES. The rookies all got in the ring and took out the ref. All the rookies charged Cena and destroyed him. A few of the rookies left the ring and attacked Matt Striker followed by Jerry Lawler. Michael Cole ran away. They destroyed the chairs and announce table and even beat up the time keeper and Justin Roberts. They beat up security and started destroying the ring.

Daniel Bryan choked out Justin Roberts with his tie. They tore the safety mats off the ground and destroyed the ropes. Cena tried to fight back again but was taken down. David Otunga took down Cena with a urinage.

Heath threw Cena into a clothesline from Darren Young. Heath hit Cena with a clothesline next. Punk tried to fight them off but they held him down and beat him up. Skip nailed Cena with a huge clothesline. Heath choked Cena with the middle rope for a second.

Daniel Bryan told Cena he wasn’t better than him a bunch of times and kicked him in the head. Wade hit Cena with his death valley driver thing, and Justin hit him with a 450 splash. All the rookies left, leaving Cena laying in what was left of the ring. The EMTs took cena to the back on a stretcher.

My Opinion on the destruction: This Ending Left Me with Questions that got me thinking:

  1. Where was the Raw and SmackDown! Rosters while the NXT season 1 Rookies wreaking Havoc on WWE Property and Employees?
  2. Michael Cole was the only one that got away form the whole thing, why didn’t the other announcers run away?
  3. Will the Season Two NXT rookies end up Doing something similar to that?
  4. What will happen next week on Raw?
  5. What will Happen on the June 11th SmackDown!?
  6. What will happen on the June 8th NXT?
  7. What Kind of Message are you trying to send out by attacking Ring Announcers, Commentators and Time Keepers?
  8. Why in the World would you attack Ring Announcers, Commentators  and Time Keepers?

Also this has many conspiracy theorists trying to come up with reasons why Michael Cole was spared the beating that every WWE Employee received at ringside, since he Ran Away while Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and SmackDown!’s Matt Striker got an Ass whooping

  1. He may have co-conspired with the NXT season 1 Rookies
  2. He Raw away when the S**t hit the fan

I agree that Cole ran away for his Safety when things got worse but why didn’t anyone else run away?.

With This Attack, the Entire Season 1 Rookies turned heel, but what i Noticed during ther attack and Destruction off WWE Property, they were wearing Yellow bands with a Black ‘N’ possibly creating an ‘N-Faction’ of Some sort. I Wonder what will happen Next?