My Thoughts on the Season 2 Launch of WWE NXT of June 8th

Despite the WWE still reeling from the attack by the Season 1 Rookies on Raw, NXT wanted to show a message – it was more like a warning to The Season Two Rookies on behalf of everyone that Were Attacked on Raw the Night Before .

Matt Striker said the graduating class from NXT season 1 made a bombastic impact last night, destroying everything in their path. Matt asked if the next season of NXT would do the same. Each of the pros came out and introduced their rookies.  Everyone got in the ring together. Matt told everyone to spread out.

Matt said the NXT rookies last season were evaluated from the pros, but this season only 50% of the evaluation is from the NXT pros, the other 50% will be from the fans. Matt said you can go onto and vote for or against whomever you feel should become the next breakout star. Matt said season 2 will only be 12 weeks long. Matt said in 3 weeks the first pros poll will be revealed, and in 6 weeks the first elimination.


Matt invited the rookies and pros back out to the ring. They played the video of NXT season 1 destroying the RAW set and John Cena last night. Matt asked Kaval what he thought. Kaval said it was unbelievable but that’s how you make a statement in the WWE. Lucky Cannon thought it was cowardly, but it still made a statement. Husky Harris said he didn’t agree with that they did but he doesn’t care because he’s there to win NXT. Alex Riley sneezed a few times and said he was allergic to Matt. Percy Watson said it wasn’t appropriate at all.Eli Cottonwood said he deserved every bit of it. Titus O’Neil said season 1 should try that with them.

Titus said if you’re going to fight, make it a fight, and if your going to win, make it a win. Titus said if Zack Ryder pushes him again John Cena won’t be the only hurt one.

Michael McGillicutty said that the  Season 1 guys made an impact, which is all that matters. Matt said there’s a concern in the locker room for the men and women in the WWE. Matt said on behalf of everyone who was slaughtered last night he would like to official welcome to rookies to NXT. The NXT pros beat up the rookies as a hazing and as a way to stop them from a possible mutiny.

My Take: Now that the Season 2 Guys learned to NOT follow in the footsteps of their Predecessors , I Wonder what will Happen Next? Will the Season One Rookies answer their Challenge? Will WWE Smackdown! wind up in the same way that Raw did? We’ll have to Wait and See