My Thoughts on June 11th’s SmackDown!

As We Learned in the June 11th SmackDown! Airing: Sometimes when anger takes hold of a person, he can’t be stopped.

Kane exemplified this in extreme form by chokeslamming his way through a slew of SmackDown Superstars in his quest for vengeance for his injured brother, The Undertaker.

Fatal 4-Way confrontation
At the start of the night, Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, CM Punk and Big Show confronted each other in the ring about their impending World Title Match at Fatal 4-Way. Ultimately Kane got the last word, when he appeared on the arena screen vowing vengeance for his brother, The Undertaker.  He went on to back up his words as the night progressed.

Big Show v. CM Punk

In their first one-on-one encounter ever, Big Show and CM Punk were eager to prove their mettle before they collide for the World Title at Fatal 4-Way. It didn’t take long to see that The World’s Largest Athlete was clearly the more dominate force. But when he attempted to rip the mask off CM Punk, Luke Gallows and the mysterious hooded S.E.S. stranger attacked him, resulting in an immediate disqualification win for Big Show. Punk and Serena followed up with a few cheap shots of their own.

As the S.E.S. continued its assault on Big Show, Kane entered the arena to put an exclamation point on his night of carnage by chokeslamming the hooded stranger, Gallows and the 500-pound Big Show! Only Punk and Serena escaped his wrath.

My Take:  My Thanks to CM Punk, who after jumping in to try to save Cena, got an ass whooping himself, was able to participate in this match.

Drew McIntyre exchanged words with Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston
After calling out SmackDown General ManagerTheodore Long, Drew McIntyre delivered another shocking message directly from Mr. McMahon. Because of Matt Hardy’s actions on Raw and last week’s SmackDown, Hardy is suspended from all WWE programming. After the news, Kofi Kingston emerged, insisting Drew “shut up.” But when the “Chosen One” took issue, Kofi blasted him with Trouble in Paradise.

Drew McIntyre v. SmackDown General Manger Theodore Long announced
After ranting in the ring about Teddy turning a blind eye to his misfortunes, McIntyre later confronted Long in his office to deliver even more news from Mr. McMahon. Next week it will be Drew vs. Teddy in a match on SmackDown! And if Teddy doesn’t show, he’s fired!

My Take: Drew REALLY needs to stop crying to Vince McMahon for every little thing whenever Drew doesn’t get his way, and from what i can tell Drew is hellbent on getting Theodore Long fired. GM Long is trying to do his job, Then Drew comes in with a letter or a message from Vince basically becoming a Message Boy. And I Have Said it Before, I Really want Drew to knocked of this Pedestal, and given  what Occurred on RAW with the rookies from Season 1 Destroying RAW and beating up WWE Employees, I am hoping that Vince will appear on SmackDown! and explain those letters and how come Drew became such a Crybaby!

Christian v. Dolph Ziggler
With Official SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero at his side, Dolph Ziggler hoped for a victory similar to the one he enjoyed over Christian in a recent 2-on-1 Handicap Match arranged by Vickie on “WWE Superstars.” Although Christian got the win with a sunset splash, that didn’t stop Ziggler from capitalizing on an assault from Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer. With their 30-day contract to make an impact on SmackDown expiring at midnight, the duo made a final push to join the roster by leveling Captain Charisma from behind. After the assault, Ziggler locked Christian in his infamous sleeper hold, while Vickie smiled gleefully from outside the ring.

My Take: Dolph Ziggler and Vickie…EWWW… and Matt Striker REALLY needs to stop professing his ‘crush on Vickie.

Women’s Champion Layla v. Tiffany in a Non-Title Match
With NXT Rookie Kaval at their side, and Michelle McCool’s parents in attendance, the “self-professed” co-Women’s Champions poked fun at the appearance of the WWE Universe before the match began. Once the action got underway, Women’s Champion Layla got down to business and dispatched of Tiffany in quick order. When Tiffany turned her attention to McCool, knocking her from the ring apron, Layla capitalized, hitting her with a neckbreaker for the win.

My Take: The Fact that ‘LayCool’ became Pros for NXT Season Two and that their Rookie (Kaval) a fellow Brooklynite has to become an Errand Boy Surpised Me. I Would Like to see EX ECW GM Tiffany become Women’s Champion.

Rey Mysterio v. World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger in a Non-Title Match
In their first one-on-one match ever, Rey Mysterio used not one, but three 619s to overcome World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger, giving him an important victory just nine days before Fatal 4-Way. After the loss, “The All-American American” vented his frustrations by attacking the masked Superstar. However, Kane interrupted the assault and brutally chokeslammed both Swagger and Mysterio.

My Take: This is a Great Buildup to the upcoming Fatal 4 Way PPV, but because of what happened on Monday Night Raw, Lets See what Happens Next on WWE TV. And I Heard Raw may get a New Look because of What Happened when the ring was destroyed.