My Thoughts on June 15th’s WWE NXT

On the June 15th NXT from Raleigh, N.C., the WWE Pros offered the NXT Rookies a chance to rekindle their relationships after last week’s surprising initiation as well as a chance to explain their actions. Several NXT Rookies finally saw in-ring action, and a new challenge was issued for NXT leaving lasting impressions on the WWE Pros and the WWE Universe as the next set of polls are just two weeks away.

MVP discusses the NXT Rookies’ initiation
Tensions were high during the second week of season two of WWE NXT and its understandable after last week’s surprising initiation in which the season two WWE Pros sent a loud and clear message to their NXT Rookies by tossing them out of the ring to quell any possible rebellion. This week, WWE Pro MVP explained to the NXT Rookies that they’re paying for the transgressions of their season one predecessors, who have been wreaking havoc on Raw for the last two weeks.  MVP said the season two NXT Rookies must work hard, pay their dues and respect and cherish the opportunity given to them on WWE NXT and the WWE Pros will rightfully teach them. In a sign of solidarity, the WWE Pros and the NXT Rookies shook hands before week two’s matches began.  In a Backstage Video, Zack Ryder personally apologized to his Rookie Titus O’Neill and were able to kill off any tension between them, thus proving that they can try to work together more often than butting heads with each other.

My Take: This Explanation should and did kill off some tensions between the Rookies and Pros and proves that if the NXTers from season two want to be taught, the Pros will teach them.I also saw a side of Zack Ryder that I’ve Haven’t seen before by personally apologizing to O’Neill which to me proves that the Season 2 Pros really want to make this right and not have the NXTers become like their predecessors from Season One, Hopefully this may help the rookies with their First Pro’s Poll on June 29th.

Alex Riley def. Kaval

The Self-Professed Co- Womens Champions LayCool (Michelle McCooland Layla El) joined NXT Commentators Michael Cole and Josh Mathews for this Rookie/Rokkie Match

The brash and confident Alex Riley saw his first in-ring action against fellow NXT Rookie, the fearless and skilled Kaval.  Despite a strong effort by Kaval, whose WWE Pros – “co-Women’s Champions” Lay-Cool – offered their amusing commentary during the match( Layla sounded so cute on the mic), the self-proclaimed “rare breed” Riley pinned his competitor. Riley admirably pulled off the win without the presence of his WWE Pro, The Miz, who was in Los Angeles celebrating his United States Championship victory.

Several WWE Pros offered their first impressions of Riley and Kaval. Lay-Cool applauded Kaval’s first match and promised it won’t be long before he’ll be “flawless” under their guidance. John Morrison said both NXT Rookies did a very good job of making an impression. And instead of offering his opinions on the NXT Rookies in the match, Zack Ryder must have been busy checking out WWE NXT’s new ring announcer, Jamie Keyes: “That new ring announcer chick, she’s pretty hot. Call me,” The Long Island Loudmouth said.

My Take: Yes, I Noticed the New NXT Ring Announcer Jamie Keyes ( She’s HOT, and i agree with Zack Ryder for that..NIIIICE) Savannah aka Angela Fong has become backstage Interviewer for SmackDown!.I Have to say the Commentary for the match was hilarious especially the line that Layla said to Josh Mathews ‘With us sitting next to you, You would Have Michael Cole shut up for once’ and Cole saying to Josh ‘At least I talk to Women’, Well Josh is married to Ex WWE TV Personality Rue Du Bona we Don’t Who Cole is married to. Getting Back to the match, it was great, and Like Laycool said Its Kaval’s first match,  He may have lost but he can be ‘flawless’ too. I Hope Kaval, a fellow Brooklynite wins NXT or at least make it to the final three.

Kofi Kingston & Michael McGillicutty def. Mark Henry & Lucky Cannon
Third-generation competitor NXT Rookie Michael McGillicutty( why did the WWE gave him the name McGillicutty instead of Using Hennig is Beyond Me) has a lot of lineage to live up to. As the grandson of WWE Legend Larry “The Axe” Hennig and son of former Intercontinental Champion and Announcer Mr. Perfect, McGillicutty must quickly make an impact on the WWE Pros and the WWE Universe – an accomplishment he achieved during week two of competition. He kicked off his first match by boldly tagging himself in to face the daunting Mark Henry. Then, with the help of his WWE Pro, Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston, McGillicutty earned victory when he pinned the competitive Lucky Cannon.

McGillicutty left a strong first impression, as his WWE Pro, Kingston, called him a “man on a mission” who “took a step in the right direction.” Despite their loss, Henry said his NXT Rookie, Cannon, “has a lot of potential.” But not all of the WWE Pros agreed. Cody Rhodes berated Cannon, calling him a loser. “You’re all style and no substance,” Rhodes said. Then, Henry challenged Rhodes to face Cannon one-on-one. A cocky Rhodes accepted the match for next week, then shockingly took a cheap shot at NXT announcer Matt Striker, knocking him off the stage

My Take: Mike McGillicutty made an Impression on me, showing to me that he can live up to his family’s Legacy by continuing that legacy while creating his own. And I Also respect the Sportsmanship between Lucky Cannon and McGilicutty that proves that they have nothing against each other. As for Cody Rhodes’s actions,  His Attitude and Behavior shows me that the doesn’t want to be an NXT pro and this hasn’t been a good Couple of Weeks for Matt Striker I Hope He Doesn’t get attacked on SmackDown!.

The First Pros Poll on June 29 may not be significant yet, But It Will Help towards the first Elimination which will be in Mid July, as it takes on a greater meaning that the Eliminations wont be Decided by WWE Management but 50% by the WWE Pros and 50% from the Votes on the website.