My Thoughts on June 18th’s SmackDown!

On the Last Smackdown!before the WWE Fatal 4-Way PPV, the combatants of the World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way Match delivered some payback to Kane, a direct response to his brutal attacks in recent weeks. But, before the night’s end, The Big Red Monster would rekindle his rampage and issue a horrifying proclamation about Sunday’s pay-per-view.

Note: Due to the Yankees/Mets game,Smackdown was preempted in NYC on My9 ( the My Network Station serving the New York tristate area) So I Caught up on Smackdown via TV.WWE.COM.

Rey Mysterio & Big Show def. World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger & CM Punk
In a tag team main event between the Fatal 4-Way participants, the athleticism of Rey Mysterio proved to be the difference. As Swagger was attempting to hit the Gutwrench Powerbomb on The Ultimate Underdog, Mysterio suddenly countered, crashing down upon “The All-American American” for the quick pin.

My Take on the match: The Match was a great warmup to the Fatal 4 Way PPV but at Sunday its Every man for himself.

Although the victory gave Mysterio and Big Show momentum heading into Fatal 4-Way, the action did not end with the bell. Moments later, Kane reemerged, still determined to weed out the identity of The Undertaker’s unknown attackers. After he chokeslammed Swagger and Punk to the canvas, Kane knocked Big Show from the ring apron and blasted Mysterio with a tombstone. Finally, Kane proclaimed that this Sunday, “it will be a fatal night for the guilty party.”

My Take: Apparently Kane will go through the entire locker room to find who attacked his brother

Dolph Ziggler def. Chris Masters
In a “WWE Superstars” rematch, Dolph Ziggler locked horns with Chris Masters – ultimately pitting the Master Lock against the sleeper hold. Though Masters broke out of Ziggler’s infamous sleeper to cinch-in his own dangerous maneuver, his bleach blond opponent had enough presence of mind to reach the ropes. Moments later, Ziggler executed the Zig Zag for the win, reminding Masters that he had more than one dangerous weapon in his arsenal.

My Take: Seeming how this was a “WWE Superstars” rematch, this rematch was better held on ”WWE Superstars” since that many of the people who dont get WGN America didnt really see the original match

Kelly Kelly def. Women’s Champion Layla in a Non-Title Match
Soon after Tiffany neutralized the self-professed “co-Women’s Champion” Michelle McCool outside the ring, Kelly Kelly reversed Layla’s neckbreaker, and executed the devastating K-2 Legdrop to score a huge non-title triumph over the first English-born Women’s Champion.

My Take: It great to see Kelly Kelly finally win one against Laycool, albeit being half of Laycool.

Drew McIntyre def. Theodore Long; Teddy saved his job
Given the ultimatum of facing Drew McIntyre or being fired – per Mr. McMahon’s directive – SmackDownGeneral Manager Theodore Long was forced by the Scottish Superstar to get down on his knees, proclaim McIntyre the “Chosen One,” crawl to the middle of the squared circle and lay on his back to take the three-count.

As McIntyre prepared to attack Teddy after the match, Kofi Kingston charged to his rescue. But, with a special security team holding back the Intercontinental Champion, McIntyre was free to carry out a vicious assault on the defenseless Superstar. Matt Hardy then emerged from the crowd, only to suffer the same brutal fate. In a fatal act of aggression, McIntyre delivered the double-under-hook DDT to both Kofi and Hardy.

My Take: It has become clear to me that after the many times that I’ve Asked that Mr McMahon atleast somewhat on SmackDown to explain those letters Drew Mcintyre keeps bringing to SmackDown! and that the many times that wanted to see the so-called ‘Chosen One’ off his pedestal It is not gonna happen anytime soon

JTG def. Chavo Guerrero
A highly-charged JTG used the neckbreaker to capture an impressive victory on third-generation Superstar Chavo Guerrero. After the match, JTG invited three young members of the WWE Universe to “kick-it” with him inside the ring.

My Take: this was an okay match given the fact that, ever since Cryme Tyme split up JTG has appeared on WWE Superstars,

Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer def. Christian & MVP
With the ink still fresh on their new, full-time SmackDown contracts, Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer faced Christian and MVP – the two Superstars they recently attacked to help make a name for themselves. After Hawkins overcame Captain Charisma with a devastating elbow drop off the top rope to capture the important victory, he and Archer carried-out a post-match attack on an injured Franchise Playa.

My Take: So the two finally get their contracts, what I think got them their contracts was their defending of Consultant Vickie Guerrero. Now that they got their contracts, whats next for them?

World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger, The  S.E.S., Big Show and Rey Mysterio attacked Kane
After Luke Gallows emerged from the darkness dressed as The Undertaker to help CM Punk play a joke on the WWE Universe, an enraged Kane arrived to seek retribution. Before he could reach the ring, however, he was ambushed by The Straight Edge Society and World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger. Big Show and Rey Mysterio soon chased The Big Red Monster’s assailants out of the ring, only to hit Kane with an earth-shattering 619-chokeslam combination.

My Take: Since Kane appearing on all of WWE TV (Raw, Smackdown , NXT and Superstars) leaving no stone unturned in finding who left his brother The Undertaker ‘in a vegetative state’ and the fact that the Straight Edge Society wants to play on that its like Playing with Fire and since obviously they found that funny hope they get their **** kicked. As to Why Big Show and Rey would want to help the SES, All I can Say is Revenge is a dish better served cold.