My Thoughts on June 21st’s Raw

On the June 21st Raw from Bridgeport, CT, 24 hours after Fatal 4 Way PPV, the Seven season 1 NXT Rookies once again tore into the Raw roster to make their presence felt – even going so far as to attack The Chairman himself, Mr. McMahon.

Mr. McMahon fired Bret Hart, named new GM; WWE Title Match main event announced

After assuming the Raw General Manager position last month, Bret Hart found himself unceremoniously fired by The Chairman on Raw for not attending the previous night’s Fatal 4-Way.
Hart’s absence, Mr. McMahon reasoned, is what allowed the season one NXT Rookies to run wild, interfering in the WWE Championship Match and permitting Sheamus to take advantage of the chaos to prevail. Mr. McMahon then informed the WWE Universe that a new, anonymous GM would take the reins, emailing announcer Michael Cole his dictates.

The mystery GM was quick to act. His first order of business? Hiring all seven NXT Rookies. Then, in the wake of new WWE Champion Sheamus’s victory, the Raw GM also allowed John Cena to invoke his rematch clause, meaning that he will face the Irish champion for the title in tonight’s main event. And to ensure there will be no interference, Mr. McMahon will act as special guest referee.

My Take: So now that Mr McMahon hired this new mystery GM, It will be run a little differently, however this may once again bring back the guest host thing since the new GM wont reveal himself. However I Like this hidden GM thing so, that way the new GM (whoever that is) wont be in the same situation that Bret Hart was in. Now We have to deal with Michael Cole interrupting the action on Raw..yippie -__- .
Chris Jericho def. Evan Bourne

It’s been a rough month for Chris Jericho. After falling short in his matches for the past several weeks, Jericho’s humiliation was punctuated at Fatal 4-Way when he dropped his bout to Evan Bourne.
On Raw, he demanded a rematch. If he lost, Jericho promised he would leave WWE.

And while it looked a little touch and go there for a while, the wily Superstar managed to squeak out a victory. After the match, a still steaming Jericho leveled the high-flyer with an underhanded shove.

My Take: Glad to see Chris Jericho end this rut he’s been in the past few days.

Ted DiBiase fired Virgil, hired Maryse

Ted DiBiase knows money – and looks.

After a dismal performance at Fatal 4-Way for he and bodyguard Virgil, The “Fortunate Son” canned his manservant and opted for an “upgrade.” After Virgil’s dismissal, DiBiase introduced Maryse as his new source for “protection.”

My Take: Note to Ted a) NIIIIIICE CHOICE!! b) Remember, Maryse can only protect you against divas NOT other male wrestlers. and c) What a way to one-up your dad, Ted.

Natalya vs. Tamina ended in a No Contest; NXT Rookies apologized to the WWE Universe

After dedicating her match against Tamina to her uncle Bret, Natalya was livid when the proceedings were cut short by the season one NXT Rookies. The group’s de facto leader, Wade Barrett, began to apologize for their actions, which led to Bret Hart’s dismissal, when David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd attacked in a quest for vengeance. The Unified Tag Team Champions put up a valiant fight but were subdued by the six other NXT Rookies.
The NXT Rookies then surprised the WWE Universe by offering apologies for their actions and attempting to explain why they’ve been behaving like a pack of rabid hyenas. After several of the Rookies stated that they did what they did not out of anger but because of their love of WWE.

Barrett then emphasized that his loyalty propelled him to join his colleagues and that he had also been granted his future pay-per-view title match again by the mystery GM.

My Take: The NXT rookies being hired is a good thing because NOW, the WWE Raw Roster knows EXACTLY where to find them so they better look out. And as for this match, due to this interruption, the match never really got going.

John Morrison def. Zack Ryder

There was a slight change of plans for John Morrison. The Shaman of Sexy was scheduled to compete against Ted DiBiase, but The “Fortunate Son,” with his new assistant Maryse in tow, informed Morrison that he had “other plans for the night.”(NIIIIIICE!!)

Accompanied by his season two NXT Rookie Eli Cottonwood, Morrison would instead compete against Zack Ryder. With Ryder’s own season two NXT Rookie, Titus O’Neil, looking on, The Guru of Greatness channeled his attack and pinned Ryder for the victory.

My Take: The Long Island Iced Z getting defeated… on the plus side, the NXT rookies learned something and they can use it later on NXT.

The Great Khali & Eve def. Primo & Divas Champion Alicia Fox

One night after capturing the Divas Title at Fatal 4-Way and Alicia Fox already thinks she’s royalty. A royal pain in the ass perhaps. The new Divas Champion teamed with Primo against The Great Khali & Eve.

Thinking she’s above it all, Fox simply abandoned her partner in the ring, allowing The Punjabi Playboy to devastate Primo for the win.

My Take: Apparently, Primo thinks he can ask all divas to  kiss him (especially in the middle of the Match, no less) is a good idea. He Was Wrong. And this was the first time I see Khali w/o His Kayfabe Brother and Translator WWE Writer Ranjin Singh. And as for Alicia Fox, she needs to get back to earth.
United States Champion The Miz interrupted Randy Orton; Edge attacked Orton

When Randy Orton addressed the season one NXT Rookies, he vowed revenge on each of them for, as he saw it, costing him the WWE Title at Fatal 4-Way the previous night.

As he lambasted the NXT seven, newly minted United States Champion The Miz cut him short.
The self-proclaimed “Awesome One” berated The Viper and told him to “get in line” for the WWE Title before leveling a sneak attack. While Orton countered Miz’s strike, Edge quickly joined the fray. The Ultimate Opportunist ran in and rammed The Apex Predator with a Spear before whispering to his rival that now, “the real fun begins.”

My Take: Why is the WWE trying to give  The Miz more championship belts than he can carry? And Edge apparently tried to eat the microphone (truth be told he ripped out the windscreen with his teeth..eww) and what did he REALLY mean by ‘the real fun begins’??

John Cena vs. WWE Champion Sheamus ended in a No Contest; Mr. McMahon attacked by NXT Rookies

Will the season one NXT Rookies ever relent? Even after landing the contracts they were clearly determined to secure, the pugnacious pack still appear ravenous. During the night’s main event match, pitting WWE Champion Sheamus against John Cena with Mr. McMahon acting as special guest referee, the bold band of Superstars rushed the ring. Despite The Chairman’s strong guarantee of retribution for anyone who interferes, the NXT seven ambushed Cena and for the second time, flipped the announce table on Cena..

And while conspiracy theorists had pegged Mr. McMahon as the potential mastermind behind the devious actions of the season one NXT Rookies, those theories were quickly scuttled when the seven trained their fire on The Chairman himself!

Mr. McMahon announced that the new GM would offer up a revelation on the next Raw before he received a brutal beating at the hands of the Rookies. and as Vince lay on the ring canvas, a WWE cameraman put his camera down got in the ring asked for help and attended to Vince and screamed for help as the Show ended.

My Take: I am glad that Jerry Lawler, Justin Roberts and Michael Cole ran away from their attack ,and in Roberts and Lawler’s case, they should of done it the first time around. And as for Mr. Mcmahon, he tried to take responsibility for what happened and he wound up getting his ass kicked and he deserved it. and Kudos to the WWE Cameraman for putting down his camera and screaming for help, but unlike what happened to Cena, Why didnt any EMTs came out and helped Vince after the attack happened?