The New Hart Lawsuit :The WWE Responds

In May of 1999 Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (then known as World Wrestling Federation) held an even in Kansas City, Missouri.

16-thousand fans in the arena and countless more watching on pay-per-view saw wrestler Owen Hart fall to his death during a stunt gone bad.

Gregg Rubenstein, Attorney: “When a clip attached to a line lowering him from the ceiling of an arena 78 feet above the floor failed causing Owen to fall to his death.”

Hart’s widow, Martha, settled a wrongful death suit against WWE in 2000.  She has now filed a new suit charging the company and its owners, Vince and Linda McMahon, with continuing to use her late husbands image in videos, online and in print in violation of his last contract.

Martha Hart, Owen Hart’s Widow: “One must truly question the moral character of Vince and Linda McMahon and the manner in which they conduct their business.  These same people who’s dangerous exploitation of my husband lead to his death are exploiting him once again.”

She says she wants nothing to do with WWE and will not allow them to use Owen Hart anymore.  Linda McMahon is currently a republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut.  Martha Hart says that doesn’t mean anything to her.

Martha Hart, Owen Hart’s Widow: “This has nothing to do with Linda’s political career although, that said, certainly as a voter I would think that people should certainly question the moral character of this action.”

She is asking the court to stop WWE from using her late husband in any way and she wants any money they’ve made from similar work in the past given to her.

The McMahon campaign has referred all questions on this to WWE.  An attorney for the company says this nothing more than pure political orchestration… that the suit has nothing to do with the tragic accident in 1999.  He adds that a similar suit filed in Canada, where Martha Hart’s lives, was dismissed and she was ordered to pay WWE’s legal fees.

The Match that never happened : Owen Hart as the 'Blue Blazer' was booked to with the Intercontinental Championship from the Godfather. Although the TV Audience didn't see his decent from the rafters the live audience did,while his decent happened a prerecorded video segment played on television