My Thoughts on June 29th’s WWE NXT

On the June 29th WWE NXT from Wilkes-Barre,Pa one of the eight Rookies’ road came to an end, as the night of the first Pros’ Poll also signaled season two’s first surprise elimination.

The NXT Poll results were revealed
The WWE Universe and the WWE Pros votes were combined and the results have been tabulated for first NXT Poll. Kaval is ranked No. 1, while Titus O’Neil came in last, ranking at No. 8! With the ranking, O’Neil has been eliminated from the NXT competition.

O’Neil left the WWE Universe with some inspirational advice, “Make life what you can – take each and every opportunity you can to make it a win!”

The combined results of the NXT Poll are as follows:

1. Kaval

2. Percy Watson

3. Michael McGillicutty

4. Alex Riley

5. Lucky Cannon

6. Eli Cottonwood

7. Husky Harris

8. Titus O’Neil

With the first NXT Poll rankings in, the WWE Universe and the WWE Pros are one step closer to crowning the winner of WWE NXT. Which NXT Rookie will become WWE’s next breakout star win a future championship match at a WWE pay-per-view?

My Take: I have to give respect to Titus O’Neil for his classy speech. He Basically acknowledged that it (NXT) wasn’t easy and that he also said they are others out there with bigger challenges than NXT and thanked everyone. I Hope to see him on WWE TV one day. A Class act all the way.

And as for Kaval being ranked #1 , glad to see a fellow Broooklynite make it to the top for now, however, will he be able to keep his #1 Rank by the next Pros Poll.

Kaval, Lucky Cannon & Michael McGillicutty def. Alex Riley, Eli Cottonwood & Titus O’Neil

In their last match before the WWE Pros voted in the first NXT Poll, six of the NXT Rookies met in a Six-Man Tag Team Match. Determined to finally impress the WWE Universe and the WWE Pros with a win, Kaval tapped into his vast arsenal of offense to earn a victory for himself and fellow NXT Rookies Lucky Cannon and Michael McGillicutty when he pinned Alex Riley, hitting the impressive Warrior’s Way.

After this Six-Man Tag Team Match, the participants’ records stand at:

  • Kaval: 1-2
  • Cannon: 1-2
  • McGillicutty: 3-0
  • Alex Riley: 2-1
  • Eli Cottonwood: 2-1
  • Titus O’Neil: 0-3.

My Take: This match proved to Be the Win Kaval Needed to stay on NXT and this help to level the playing field. This match also ended Titus’s run on NXT.

MVP def. Husky Harris
In this season’s second WWE Pro vs. NXT Rookie Match, MVP took on Husky Harris. With his energetic NXT Rookie, “Showtime” Percy Watson, in his corner, MVP dominated Harris, who confidently referred to himself as “an Army tank with a Ferrari engine” this week on But Harris’ rocky and oftentimes unsupportive relationship with his WWE Pro, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes, hasn’t helped his fight on WWE NXT. Harris’ record fell to 0-2 with his loss to MVP. After the match, as MVP put out his hand as a sign of respect for the Rookie, Harris motioned to The Ballin’ Superstar that he was “this close” to winning, and angrily left the ring with his WWE Pro.

My Take: After Husky Harris’s actions, I Hope he doesnt end up becoming the sore loser of the competition because on the next Pros Poll he could make the choice by WWE.COM visitors and the Pros Easy.

NXT Rookie Challenge: The Keg Carry
As the WWE Universe voted in the first live NXT Poll, the eight NXT Rookies competed in their first Challenge – The Keg Carry. Hoping to impress the WWE Pros and the WWE Universe one last time before the NXT Poll, each NXT Rookie had to pick up and carry a full keg around the ring and across the finish line, without the keg touching the ground.

Lucky Cannon started the Challenge, rounding the ring in 12.7 seconds. Luck was all this Rookie needed, as Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty, Kaval and Titus O’Neil all were disqualified. With the impressive win, Cannon earned himself immunity from tonight’s elimination.

My Take: Since most of the rookies were eliminated, I Believe that this was an Easy win for Lucky Cannon