Barrett, McIntyre having Work Visa Issues, taken off WWE TV

WWE wrestlers Wade Barrett who competes on Raw and SmackDown’s Drew McIntyre are having work visa issues.

Since the two aren’t natural born citizens, they were allowed to work in the WWE with work visas.

However, Both of their visas have expired and word is that they have been deported.

Barrett is in the UK while things are getting sorted out, while there is no word on where McIntyre is but may still be in the US since he recently married Ex ECW GM and now current SmackDown! diva Tiffany.

While Barrett did not appear on WWE TV on the June 28th Raw Broadcast ( In Storyline he was meeting with the WWE Board of Directors) McIntyre did appear on the SmackDown Broadcast of June 25 ( taped on June 22nd) with McIntyre being notified by SmackDown GM Teddy Long via the titantron of his visa expiring.

McIntyre’s Visa expired after SmackDown! was taped that week.

No Word yet if Barrett’s Issue will be addressed on Raw.