My Thoughts on July 5th’s Raw

On the July 5th Raw from Nashville,TN, During The Nexus’ reign of terror, the band of bothers have focused their attacks, managing not to involve the entire Raw roster. This week, however, their actions managed to drag nearly every Raw Superstar into their wicked wake.

During “truce” handshake, John Cena retaliated against Wade Barrett and The Nexus; mystery GM arranged Cena vs. The Nexus in 7-on-1 Handicap Match next week
John Cena is nothing if not a man of his word. That being the case, the seven-time WWE Champion showed up in the ring, as ordered by Raw’s mystery GM, to commence a truce ceremony with The Nexus’s de facto leader, Wade Barrett. While the Brit tried to assure his rival that his group’s attacks weren’t personal, Cena remained understandably skeptical.

But Barrett offered his hand to seal the truce, and Cena finally accepted. When The Nexus boss attempted to pull away, however, he quickly found himself angling for an Attitude Adjustment. Before Cena could lower the guillotine, though, he was attacked by The Nexus’ remaining six members. Just then, Cena’s pals rolled in for the rescue, including Mark Henry, David Hart Smith,Tyson Kidd, John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Goldust, Yoshi Tatsu, Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov and The Great Khali.

The Nexus escaped, though, except for Darren Young, who suffered an STF at the hands of Cena. As a means of punishment, the mystery GM is forcing Cena to face The Nexus next week in a 7-on-1 Handicap Match.

My Take: We are starting to see Cena’s Angry Side, which we havent seen since WWE TV went from TV-14 to PG. and to say that Young didnt had it coming it would be the biggest lie ever.

Divas Champion Alicia Fox def. Eve
Ever since narrowly capturing the Divas Championship at Fatal 4-Way, Alicia Fox has shown herself to be nothing short of sly. While defending her title against former Divas Champion Eve, the calculating Superstar dusted off an old trick: Playing possum. Fox pretended to suffer an ankle injury, and, when Eve let her guard down, she pounced to retain the Golden Butterfly.

My Take: Regrettably, Eve (like Cena and Swagger) were victim to the Fatal 4 Way PPV rules. But Alicia Fox isnt proving to me that she should be Divas Champion.

Chris Jericho appeared on “The Cutting Edge”; Evan Bourne & Randy Orton def. Jericho & Edge
Former partners Chris Jericho and Edge traded verbal barbs on his show “The Cutting Edge” until the situation became too heated, and they’re war of words became physical. As the two tangled, Evan Bourne charged the ring and leveled them. Before the trio could mix it up, though, the mystery GM chimed in: Edge & Jericho must take on Bourne and his partner, Randy Orton, in a tag team match.

In the battle to get a rung up on the competition, The Ultimate Opportunist and his partner tried to set aside their differences, but their tenuous treaty would prove futile when Edge Speared Jericho. “Air” Bourne then capitalized with a lethal Shooting Star Press for the win. As Bourne celebrated, however, The Viper slithered up and razed him with an RKO, proving that during Raw’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, there will be no such alliances.

My Take: I was Skeptical after Orton’s actions to Bourne but it sent a message that during The Money in the Bank Ladder Match, there will be no such alliances.

United States Champion The Miz vs. R-Truth ended in a No Contest
Just one night after the United States celebrated her birthday on July 4th, U.S. Champion The Miz showed that he really knows how to spoil a party. Before what promised to be a thrilling match, Miz snuffed the fuse on the fireworks by attacking R-Truth before the bell. The “Cleveland Screamer” pounded Truth so fiercely, in fact, that his fellow Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match competitor had to be escorted from the ring by medical personnel.

As a result of a shoulder injury, Truth will no longer be eligible to compete in the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

My Take: The Miz is starting to go on a rampage over the Money in The Bank, since he wants to be the Only WWE superstar to be US Champion and the reigning WWE Champion.

WWE Champion Sheamus confronted Arn Anderson
During an interview with Josh Mathews, Arn Anderson updated the WWE Universe on the condition of his fellow WWE Legend Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. The former member of The Four Horsemen was then interrupted by WWE Champion Sheamus, who derided Anderson for succumbing to an attack from The Nexus last week. For his part, Anderson warned the Irishman that he should be careful, or The Nexus will become too powerful to be stopped.

My Take: Arn Anderson was absolutely right, yet Sheamus doesn’t care, but when the Nexus attacks him, He’ll Learn

Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov def. William Regal & The Great Khali
Four nations, two teams, one winner. After chasing William Regal from the ring in favor of Santino Marella last Monday, Vladimir Kozlov reluctantly agreed to team up with the spicy Italian. This week, before his match against Santino & Vlad, Regal gleefully introduced his partner, The Great Khali. Sadly for the Englishman, The Punjabi Playboy refused to tag in, leaving Regal out to dry for the loss. Afterward, Khali encouraged his opponents to help Regal to his feet, at which point he Taj Ma-hauled off and chopped him down.

My Take: This was funny. Was the WWE trying to give Khali a test of turning him heel? and apparently Regal thought he was gonna be working with Khali. He was wrong.

Ted DiBiase def. John Morrison
Ted DiBiase’s new “protection,” Maryse, already seems to be paying dividends. Maryse joined Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler at the Broadcast table, where she denied being a Golddigger while The “Fortunate Son” faced off against his fellow Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match participant, John Morrison, as his sultry security looked on. While The Shaman of Sexy’s attack appeared as tight as his abs, he became distracted when Maryse began to model his coat. The diversion allowed the prosperous progeny to capitalize and notch a cheap victory.

My Take: It was an OK Match. Now that Maryse began following DiBiase to the ring and now helping her man win the matches by distracting his opponents, maybe this was the ‘protection’ DiBiase meant when he fired Virgil.

Mystery General Manager banned Nexus members from WWE title opportunities; arranged Money in the Bank participant matches and called for a truce
The Nexus had to know this day would come. The group of outlaws have ridden roughshod over the WWE landscape seemingly free of consequence. Until now.

Through mouthpiece Michael Cole, Raw’s anonymous General Manager e-mailed to inform The Nexus that none of their members may compete for any WWE title until further notice, including Wade Barrett, who has a guaranteed championship match of his choice.

While the seven were visibly irate, John Cena, the target of much of their ire, entered and appeared itching for a fight. He brought six other Superstars with him to confront the group: Randy Orton, R-Truth, Evan Bourne, John Morrison & Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty.

Before the 14 could saddle up to fight, however, WWE Champion Sheamus, United States Champion The Miz, Edge, Chris Jericho, Ted DiBiase & The Usos ambushed Cena’s posse as The Nexus scattered throughout the arena.

After the dust settled, Cole received another email. The mystery GM told the Superstars to simmer, that later in the evening all of the competitors in the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match in two weeks will compete against one another. The still-anonymous GM also implored Cena to call a truce and shake the hand of Barrett. When Cena resisted the idea, the mystery GM asked Cena to do the “right thing” before cryptically adding in the e-mail, “and that’s the bottom line because the GM said so.”

My Take: A Truce??? That’ll Happen…NOT. What I Don’t Understand is why did half the roster attacked the Locker Room (the Face Roster) instead the Nexus. Sheamus said that The Nexus mostly attacked Cena (NOTE: He was WWE Champion during their attacks on him) So the fact that Sheamus thinks that the Nexus will attack just Cena again?.

Wade Barrett had said after the Fatal 4 Way PPV to Sheamus on Raw previously that whether he loses the belt to either Cena or Barrett himself, he’ll still lose the belt.