My Thoughts on July 6th’s WWE NXT

With the second NXT Poll just three weeks away, and the chaos-causing Nexus returning to WWE NXT next week, On the July 6th NXT from Atlanta (home of Wrestlemania 27) the NXT Rookies continued their quest to make an impression on the WWE Universe and the WWE Pros.

Husky Harris & Cody Rhodes def. Lucky Cannon &Mark Henry
Knowing he must start making a greater impact on Tuesday nights, No. 7 ranked NXT Rookie Husky Harris finally earned a win, thanks to a tag team victory with “Dashing” Cody Rhodes, his WWE Pro. After a Cross Rhodes, the conceited Superstar pinned No. 5 ranked Lucky Cannon, the NXT Rookie he defeated a few weeks ago in a Five-Minute Challenge, as Cannon’s WWE Pro, Mark Henry, could only watch from his corner of the ring. With his tag team win, Harris’ record increased to 1-2, while Cannon’s fell to 1-3.

My Take: This was a great match. The Rookies learned from their Pros and vice-versa. While Cannon’s record is at 1-3 he still has time to fix up his record before the next poll.

The Miz def. Kaval
United States Champion and WWE Pro The Miz took on No. 1 ranked NXT Rookie Kaval in an intense match on WWE NXT. Kaval impressed with his strong offensive effort, showing off his many martial arts skills. But ultimately it was The Miz who taught the NXT Rookie a lesson, pinning him after a hard-fought match and the Skull-Crushing Finale. With his loss this week, Kaval’s record fell to 1-3.

My Take: This was the match of the Night. I Really thought that Kaval had this match with his Martial Arts skill, but Miz quickly picked up on his moves. My Suggestion to Kaval is to change it up everytime he’s in the ring.

Michael McGillicutty def. Percy Watson
Hoping to further impress the WWE Universe and the WWE Pros, No. 3 ranked Michael McGillicutty earned a win over fellow NXT Rookie, Percy Watson, who is ranked No. 2. With his WWE Pro, Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston, cheering him on from his corner, third-generation competitor McGillicutty kept on his path to perfection, defeating the always-entertaining Watson, who just won the Talk the Talk Challenge. With this win, McGillicutty upped his perfect record to 4-0, while WWE Universe-pleasing Watson’s dropped to 1-2.

My Take: McGillicutty is living up to his Family’s Legacy while also making his own legacy. at 4-0, and if he can keep it up, he’ll the next Mr Perfect of this Generation.

Talk the Talk Challenge
“Showtime” Percy Watson was the first NXT Rookie to take the microphone in the Talk the Talk Challenge, and left the strongest impression on the WWE Universe in Atlanta’s Philips’ Arena, who was judging the contest. Under his topic of “glasses,” Watson told the WWE Universe about his vision and spoke about the importance of being able “to see what you want out of life.” “Showtime” received the most cheers, earning his own one-night-only talk show on next week’s WWE NXT!

My Take: I Knew He’d get this talk show. If by some luck he’s eliminated by not sent back to FCW, He can wind up having the next ‘Piper’s Pit’ of this Generation