My Thoughts on July 16th’s SmackDown!

Just two days before WWE’s innovative new pay-per-view Money in the Bank, at the SmackDown! broadcast from Louisville,KY, Jack Swagger’s father felt the full wrath of Kane, CM Punkwas unmasked by Big Show and the six SmackDownMoney in the Bank Ladder Match combatants squared off in three explosive showdowns.

Kane chokeslamed and tombstoned Jack Swagger’s father
In order to prove his innocence in the Memorial Day assault of The Undertaker, Jack Swagger revealed dated photos of himself and his Daddy engaging in several activities throughout the holiday. When The Big Red Monster emerged to attack “The All-American American” anyway, Swagger turned the tide, applying his excruciating ankle lock to the horrific Superstar. After the still-injured World Champion Rey Mysterio rushed in to even the odds – blasting his No. 1 contender with the 619 – Kane recovered and set up the chokeslam on both Swagger and his father. Though Swagger managed to escape before it could be executed, he left his helpless father to endure not only the chokeslam, but also an earth-shattering tombstone.

My Take: What affect will Kane and Rey Mysterio’s actions have on the World Championship Match at Money in the Bank this Sunday?

Dolph Ziggler def. Matt Hardy
After SmackDown Official Consultant Vickie Guerrero’s presence on the ring apron momentarily threw Matt Hardy off his game, Dolph Ziggler wasted no time hitting the Zig Zag to triumph over his Money in the Bank Ladder Match adversary.
My Take: Can Ziggler use his momentum to capture the Money in the Bank briefcase?

Chris Masters & Kelly Kelly def. Trent Barreta & Women’s Champion Layla
One week ago, No. 1 contender to the Women’s Championship, Kelly Kelly, was attacked by Team Lay-Cool. This week, she partnered with Chris Masters in a Mixed Tag Team quest-for-retribution against Women’s Champion Layla and Trent Barreta of the Dude Busters. But, when Lay-Cool hopeful Rosa Mendes jump roped onto the scene, both of the Dude Busters took their eyes off the match and put them onto her, assisting Rosa in an impromptu round of double-dutch. Layla soon took issue with the disruption, allowing Kelly Kelly to hit the K-2 legdrop and claim victory for herself and Masters.

My Take: Can the determined Kelly Kelly repeat her success and walk out of Money in the Bank with the Women’s Title?

Big Show ripped off CM Punk’s mask
Moments after Big Show interrupted The Straight EdgeSociety – revealing a giant, reinforced ladder that he plans to use to win the SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match this Sunday – the S.E.S. attacked him with united fury. The World’s Largest Athlete soon regrouped, disposing of both Luke Gallows and the hooded stranger before trapping The Second City Saint on top of his ladder. Then, climbing up to meet him, Big Show ripped off CM Punk’s mask, finally revealing Punk’s shaved head to the WWE Universe!
My Take: HA HA!

Drew McIntyre def. Christian
In a knock-down, drag-out match that mixed absolute brutality with an all-out aerial onslaught, Drew McIntyre reigned supreme over Christian. After delivering a vicious thumb to the eye without the official’s knowledge, the “sinister Scotsman” executed the Future Shock DDT for his second huge win since sorting out his immigration problems.

My Take: Can the “Chosen One” come one step closer to realizing his prophesied greatest by winning the SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match?

Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. “Dashing”Cody Rhodes ended in a No Contest
The intensely battle for momentum between Money in the Bank Ladder Match combatants Kofi Kingston and Cody Rhodes came to an abrupt end with the emergence of Kane. After The Big Red Monster unleashed back-to-back chokeslams upon two of his Money in the Bank opponents, he proclaimed that he was prepared to “bludgeon” Jack Swagger, the Superstar he was accusing of attacking his brother, The Phenom.