Dear Shelley, A Journal. Day 1.

Dear Shelley,

When we see each other once a year, most of the time the days pass without notice and then . . . “Shock!!” after a couple of days (it seems) here you are again on our beautiful island.

This year I have a different feeling though.  Summer has barely reached the halfway mark and I feel that you may show up any day now.  Not because you have any plans to travel to Greece again this year; only because I feel the need to talk with you again.

To remedy that feeling of “homesickness” I dedicate my Red Room journal to you. By writing in my journal I will feel closer to you and closer to the day you will return for swims in the Cretan Sea.

I know that you will understand sharing my thoughts to you with my Red Room companions and others who happily (I hope) stumble into our society of creativity and sharing.  After all, no one knows better than you my tendencies as a Leo, desiring lots of attention, although, most see me as an agoraphobic eccentric who rarely sees the late of day.  Hmm, this is also an accurate description of me.

Not only are you, with your extremely excellent books, having problems with publishers and promotion agents, the problems are for many and are overwhelming.  I have been downloading my mentor Charles Ray’s e-books sold at and ordering the poetry chapbook of my friend Brian Carlin from  The more creative product one offers, the less one has a chance of being published and sold the conventional way in bookstores in the USA and UK.

Greece is a haven of book publishers.   Bookstores here are stacked with luscious looking books beckoning, beckoning to be read.  So many Greeks write books one starts to realize the existence of an infinite number of stories to tell, and the western world is falling behind on recording its share of stories.  And not only that, the western world governments are halting the creativity in the lands they’ve chosen to occupy and wreak havoc.

But that makes me realize you and I are blessed to have the ability and the safe space to create!  Hallelujah.  Every day I am thankful to the Universe for this blessing and pray my fortunate situation will continue.

Natalie and I were in London for a week.  Ha!  Can you believe it?  I really and truly got on a plane and traveled to – of all places – London!  I never expected to find myself anywhere in England.  Of course, with Natalie I would go anywhere.  Such a great addition she is to the human race and to my life.

Well, she’s bossy and pushy and she won’t let me cross the street by myself . . . but I just have to laugh.  She’s treating me exactly like I treated her when she was a child.  Thank goodness I was a kind and patient mother or she might have pushed me in front of a car instead of pulling me to safety!

The best part of London was meeting some of the people I tweet with on Tweet Deck. Such lovely amazing people! Who says social media is a fearful place?  We had so many great laughs and hugs – I can’t be afraid.

Another day I will give you more details of the London Tweet Meet 2010 (as we titled the trip).  I have posted some photos in my Facebook photo album you’ll enjoy.

Now Natalie and I are home.  Both of us had to immediately start resting as we caught some kind of bacterial infection and we are still lying around, resting and recuperating.

Fortunately Kleo is here for another month! Right here in Chania! She is doing her best to wait on us when she is home.

Be ready for the next time you see Kleo, she is a young woman!  She is strong and has both feet solidly on the ground.  She is successful both with her university studies and her job.  Wow.  I am impressed with my firstborn!

I have to rest a lot because I still have allergic bronchitis.  Not to worry, my doctor is fabulous, intuitive and well educated on all the latest medical studies.  Plus the painful infections I had like the sinus, earache and such, were over by the time I felt well enough to go to the doctor!  I healed those with rest, homeopathy, and raw ginger root.

Of course, my head is so out of touch with the rest of my body, I thought I was well on my way to great health, until the doctor did her check up.  Woops.  Natalie has gotten through (very loudly) to Nikos that allergic bronchitis needs to be taken seriously.  He seems a bit befuddled by having the whole practically house taken over by sick rooms, but he is still working many, many hours so his routine is mostly the same.

Unfortunately some of the research Nikos has led isn’t being paid for which makes a problem for Nikos because he is responsible for making sure the students get paid, the labs have what they need and travel debts are paid.  Eventually all will work out for the good.

I have more good news and some articles to share with you. But we have plenty of time for that.  I will send more chat on my Red Room blog tomorrow so we will stay connected through the ether.  I have so much I want to talk about with you.

Love from your big sis, Vicki

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