Crime: French woman admits killing eight new-borns

A French woman has confessed to killing her eight new-born children and hiding their bodies in northern France.

The mother of two has been named as Dominique Cottrez. Police have charged the 47-year-old with murder after the discovery of the corpses at two sites in the village of Viller-au-Tertre.

Her husband is thought to have had no idea about what was happening.

French public prosecutor Eric Vaillant said: ‘‘The mother, Mrs Cottrez has admitted smothering the new-born babies.

“She says that she did not want any more children and that she did not want to see a doctor for contraception.

“As for Mr Cottrez, he’s told us ‘the sky is falling in on his head’. He’s told us he was absolutely unaware that his wife was pregnant.’‘

Police have released the husband, but he is still under investigation.

The case has shocked France and left the sleepy village reeling.

Police became aware of the alleged murders after the new tenants of a home previously owned by the husband and wife discovered the bones of two babies while gardening.