My Thoughts on July 26th’s WWE RAW

It’s often said that everything is bigger in Texas. Well, if you’re John Cena, that’s certainly proven true. As he and his seven-man SummerSlam squad move closer to the biggest bash of the season, at the Raw From San Antonio, the troubles, the tribulations and the headaches have all grown as large as the Lonestar State.

NOTE: Immediately After the Live airing of the July 26 RAW Broadcast, The Raw portion ‘Superstars’ to be aired on August 5th and the RAW airing for August 1st was taped at the same arena due to the stars going on tour for that First Week in August. Raw will celebrate its 900th Episode on August 23rd

Chris Jericho confronted John Cena; Raw GM made several announcements
Chris Jericho bickering was probably inevitable. Last week, John Cena revealed that he would team up with Jericho, Edge, John Morrison, R-Truth, The Great Khali & WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart to battle The Nexus at SummerSlam. This week, Jericho started in with the whining. The self-important Superstar interrupted Cena and began protesting that he should be appointed head of the assembled squad. Mercifully, Cena halted the rant by knocking the microphone from Jericho’s hand.

Before tensions could bubble over, however, Raw’s anonymous General Manager interrupted. Through announcer Michael Cole, the mystery GM put forth three important declarations.

First, the SummerSlam battle between Team WWE and The Nexus would now be a 7-on-7 Elimination Match. Secondly, The Nexus would put their unity to the test in the night’s main event, in which they face select members of the Raw roster in just such a bout. And lastly, Cena and Jericho would test their cohesion in a tag team match against two Raw Superstars.

My Take: First of All, Dear Cole, Welcome back to the Botchamania reel. Second of All Cena’s Right, It doesnt matter what you call the team, its to defeat the Nexus which is the Main Point of the team’s unifications in the first place.

Randy Orton def. Jey Uso; The Miz attempted to cash in Money in the Bank contract

NOTE: Since Lawler was being in the 7 on 7 match later that night, Cole called Raw on his own until the 7 on 7 match was over

For Jey Uso, facing and defeating Randy Orton would have propelled him near the top of the WWE totem pole. The Viper, however, wasn’t about to offer up his scalp so easily. Instead, Orton made convincing work of Uso as his brother Jimmy and Tamina looked on. After the victory, Orton dared WWE Champion Sheamus, who was also observing at ringside, to tangle with him.

Before the two could engage, Jimmy attacked Orton. Sensing an opportunity, the Irishman tried to kick his SummerSlam foe, but his errant boot ended up leveling Jimmy instead. At that point, The Viper deftly flattened The Celtic Warrior with an RKO.

The scent of vulnerability lured out United States Champion The Miz, who’s been bird-dogging Sheamus ever since capturing the Money in the Bank briefcase. Before Miz could cash in the briefcase, though, Orton slipped into the ring and also dropped Mr. Money in the Bank with an RKO.

My Take: Apparently No One on th RAW Roster wants Miz to cash in the MITB. Thank God for that. Randy’s been on a roll these past few weeks and if he keeps it up he may actually earn a shot at the WWE Championship belt.

The Great Khali def. Edge by Count-out
The fabric of the squad assembled to combat The Nexus continued to fray. After overhearing Edge complain about his inclusion in the group, The Great Khali challenged his potential teammate to a match. During the bout, The Nexus sauntered to the ring, prompting Edge to flee the squared circle. While Khali may have won by count-out, his situation looked precarious when The Nexus surrounded him. Rather than pummel Khali, though, the group allowed him to go free

My Take: Since the Nexus had a match after that, they didnt want to waste any energy on Khali.

The Nexus def. Mark Henry, Evan Bourne, David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd, Yoshi Tatsu, Jerry Lawler & Goldustin a 7-on-7 Elimination Match
The Nexus looked like they were in seven Heaven. In a possible preview of their 7-on-7 Elimination Match at SummerSlam, the “N”-labeled squad thoroughly dominated a select group of Raw Superstars in the same match. The seven deadly sinners of Nexus used teamwork like a sledgehammer to crush their opponents, who included native Texan Mark Henry, Evan Bourne, David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd, Yoshi Tatsu, Jerry “The King” Lawler & Goldust. After tossing out all seven opponents and having no one from The Nexus ejected, Wade Barrett and Michael Tarver taunted their SummerSlam foes, pointing out that the team assembled by Cena would never get on the same page due to their inflated egos.

My Take: Why Would Mark Henry be eliminated that easily? I Thought he would eliminated a few of them before being taken down. And The Nexus is right: They banded together for a simple cause – or a ‘much bigger picture’ as Barrett describes it, However the Team known on Air as Team Raw cant settle differences aside for even a second.

Divas Champion Alicia Fox def. Brie Bella
Divas Champion Alicia Fox continues to flutter above the competition. This week, she faced down Brie Bella. During the bout, Alicia managed to foil The Bellas “Twin Magic” maneuver and notch the victory. In the mood to celebrate, Jillian, who had accompanied Alicia to the ring, began to belt out a stomach-turning tune. In no mood to hear it, though, Alicia dropped the tone-deaf Diva to the mat.

My Take: This is the First time we see either of the Bellas in action on Raw since both appear on Superstars. and as for Alicia dropping Jillian to the mat, THANK YOU.

Ted DiBiase def. John Morrison
Let’s face it, it’s pretty easy to Hate Ted DiBiase. Not only does The “Fortunate Son” is attractive , heaps of cash and a gorgeous Diva on his arm, he also still manages to squeak out victories. This week, he faced John Morrison, who gave him a run for his plentiful money.

When DiBiase’s “protector”( Note: I am not calling her a protector, I wanted to call her something else, but I go tthe term from WWE RAW’s website) Maryse attempted to interfere with the match, Morrison’s pal and SummerSlam teammate R-Truth tried to assist. The help backfired, though, and cost The Shaman of Sexy the match. In the wake of the loss, Morrison verbally lashed out at Truth, offering further evidence that Raw’s seven-man SummerSlam squad may be in danger of unraveling.

My Take: This isnt getting any better for Team Raw/WWE.

WWE Champion Sheamus & United States Champion The Miz def. John Cena & Chris Jericho
At the rate they’re disintegrating, it’ll be miraculous if Team WWE, led by John Cena, even make it to their 7-on-7 Elimination Tag Team Match at SummerSlam. During a tag bout pitting Cena & Chris Jericho against WWE Champion Sheamus & United States Champion The Miz, Cena and Jericho’s partnership descended into squabbling. The self-important Superstar turned on his partner, hobbling Cena with a Codebreaker, allowing The Miz the pin. Mr. Vocabulary then tried to lock in The Walls of Jericho, but Cena reversed the maneuver and squeezed Jericho into an STF.

Not long afterward, the remainder of Team WWE made their way to the ring, including Edge, The Great Khali, R-Truth and John Morrison. When Khali attempted to make peace between Jericho and Cena, Edge leveled him with a Spear. The rest of the squad continued the back-biting and vicious attacks, calling into question whether or not the tenuous team will rise to the challenge of The Nexus or fall into disarray.

My Take: What will happen nest week on the (pretaped) Raw? Will the WWE team disband? will new members be in the group? What is the bigger picture that the Nexus are looking for?.

All in All: This Episode kind of got boring. Had they taped this episode last week, It would of been just as exciting as Last Week’s ( July 19th) Episode.