My Thoughts on July 27th’s WWE NXT

The second season two NXT Rookie was eliminated when the results of the latest NXT Poll were revealed, causing plenty of contention between the final six competitors on WWE NXT.

The NXT Rookies grabbed the Open Mic
The final seven NXT Rookies had one minute each to say whatever was on their minds, aside from why they shouldn’t be eliminated. Each NXT Rookie sounded off one more time before the WWE Pros cast their votes in the NXT Poll. Who left a lasting impression before tonight’s elimination?

“Showtime” Percy Watson def. Zack Ryder
NXT Rookie Percy Watson earned a big win over a WWE Pro less than an hour before the results of the NXT Poll would be revealed. With his WWE Pro,MVP, cheering him on from the ring apron, Watson pinned Zack Ryder, becoming the first NXT Rookie to beat a WWE Pro in singles competition. “Showtime’s” record improved to 2-3 with his victory over Long Island Loudmouth.

My Take: ‘Showtime’ proved his stay on NXT with this win.

Michael McGillicutty def. Eli Cottonwood
Michael McGillicutty kept his record perfect with a victory over fellow NXT Rookie, Eli Cottonwood. McGillicutty, who won the NXT Rookies’ Obstacle Course Challenge the previous week, earning himself immunity from elimination, pinned the mustache-obsessed Cottonwood, who was disqualified during last week’s competition. McGillicutty’s untarnished record stood at 5-0, while the 7-footer Cottonwood’s fell to 2-2.

My Take: He Won Immunity from elimination which means he’ll stay on the show no matter what his rank is.

Husky Harris def. Kaval
Hoping to make a last-minute impact, and a move upward in the NXT Poll, a confident Husky Harris defeated fellow NXT Rookie, Kaval. Earlier, Harris had a heated confrontation with Kaval, calling him “small fry” and referring to his WWE Pros, Lay-Cool, as his girlfriends.( Michelle’s Married to the Undertaker, while no word on Layla’s status. I Wouldnt be surprised if Layla and Kaval are dating)

A confident Harris carried momentum into the ring, and during the match after he accidentally ( to me it was no accident) knocked Lay-Cool off the ring apron, capitalized on a distracted Kaval, pinning him in the last match before the WWE Pros voted in the NXT Poll. Harris upped his record to 3-2, while Kaval’s fell to 1-4.

My Take: Husky Harris starting to get better as a ring performer, hope he keeps it up.

Eli Cottonwood was eliminated
The results of the NXT Poll were revealed, and after the votes of the WWEUniverse and the WWE Pros were combined, Eli Cottonwood was eliminated. Meanwhile, the immune Michael McGillicutty, who still boasts a perfect record, ousted Kaval for the No. 1 spot.

NXT Poll Results:

1. Michael McGillicutty
2. Kaval
3. Alex Riley
4. Percy Watson
5. Lucky Cannon
6. Husky Harris
7. Eli Cottonwood

After his elimination, an emotionally-charged Cottonwood attacked Harris and the other NXT Rookies. He shockingly shoved his WWE Pro, John Morrison, while walking up the ramp. When the final six NXT Rookies had a chance to tell the WWE Universe about becoming WWE’s next breakout star, Cottonwood returned, causing a brawl to erupt at the close of WWE NXT.

My Take: McGillicutty didnt even NEED Immunity to save himself from the chopping block. His Record ALONE should prove his stay on NXT. and as for Cottonwood, to me he was awkward and sound ridiculous on the mic (looking back at the infamous mustache promo he botched) Kaval dropped to #2 but staying at the top while Alex Riley moved to #3.