Dear Shelley. A journal. Day 3

Dear Shelley,

Another lovely day in Crete.  But noisy. Someone needs to tell people in Crete that the media is insisting Greece is in crisis and Cretans are not toeing the media line.  They are still fixing roads, renovating homes and gardens, and staying up all night to enjoy the cool night air and have fun.  K came home from downtown yesterday saying, “Everyone is complaining there is no gasoline, but they all drove down to the cafes.”

“No gasoline” is an issue due to the truck drivers strike because of proposed changes to truck licensing that will open up trucking to more competition.  They aren’t stupid; they’ve seen what has happened to truck drivers in The States especially after NAFTA.  Their union has access to the government policy makers though so I have positive feelings that all will turn out fine.

But enough of that! I haven’t told you about meeting @Brygida_Poland yet in London.  She also brought us all gifts!  She brought Polish chocolates, jewelry for us made by her artist friend and . . . . Polish vodka with a long piece of grass inside the bottle.

I don’t know the significance of the long piece of grass but the vodka was deceptively smooth.  We had a party in our room with the vodka, all the chocolate, oatmeal-blueberry cookies (healthy cookies for nutrition), fresh strawberries and blueberries.   And the fun included jokes from Brygida. I was trying to Tweet everything that was happening but tweeting jokes is pretty hard. All I could write was things like, “Brygida just told us a great PMS joke.”  I memorized some of her jokes to so I could share them when I got back home, but they aren’t funny when I tell them.  Brygida is going to have to come to Crete so she can tell them herself.

We had also planned an official Tweet Meet at The Café Troubadour one evening so we could meet some Twitterers from London.  @vathenaEU is someone we were excited to meet in person . . . but she called at the time were expecting her to arrive with a report.  The London trains weren’t running.  She couldn’t get into London and rather than wait until things were sorted out she was returning home so she wouldn’t be stranded somewhere.  That was smart of her but we were all disappointed.  So we met no other twitterers that evening.  We were all quiet and sad for a few seconds and then we started having a great time again.

A band of nice, handsome English boys came in who were holding a bachelor party for one of their friends.  They tried to shock us with a story about how the fellow had met his girl friend on a Dates-for-Sale site on the Internet.  They about fell off their chairs when we all raised our arms with fisted han

Tweet Meet London

ds and started chanting, “Technology rules for romance.”

I remember having a serious talk with the bridegroom about how they really met and lots of family details.  I cautioned him that he was making a big commitment so to be ready to accept that.  And I also may have convinced him to bring his bride to Crete for their honeymoon.  I’m used to strangers telling me their stories, but I really can’t believe I said all that serious stuff.   I seem to think I’m everyone’s mother.  Shouldn’t I be stopped??

Fortunately @andyjgallagher had mentioned to me the existence of ginger beer!  I drank a lot of ginger beer, so tasty.  There are many different kinds and I found an organic locally made ginger beer at the Lebanese restaurant but didn’t have time to try.  There isn’t much alcohol in ginger beer.  Perhaps I should drink stronger concoctions but probably I would get even more serious; the way my body works the opposite of the normal.  I can picture me moving from table to table hearing people’s stories and offering all kinds of advice while everyone else is having fun dancing on the tables!

This is sale season in Chania and these sales have the biggest cuts in prices that we have ever seen.  Of course the things we choose still aren’t affordable.  For example, K found a sculpture of a meditating Buddha (hands raised and open to receive the spirit).  The color was a brownish gold and the height a little more than waist high.  K fell in love with this Buddha and wanted it for her bedroom in the apartment.  The original price? 900 Euro! The sale price? 300 Euro!

If I had saved money last summer instead of spending all of it on ice cream I could have gotten this Buddha for her.  Oh well, I’m sure she will survive!

Feel well!

Love from your big sis, Vicki

Andy J. Gallagher

Light and Its Shadow