High School ROTC member to be honored

Recently deceased high school student and Junior ROTC member to be remembered

A Queens high school student who passed away will be honored by his fellow classmates and ROTC members alike in Brooklyn. Luan Daniel Candido Silva, a native of Queens, was a member of the US Air Force’s JROTC Unit # NY-20051 based at  John Bowne High School in Flushing. Silva passed on July 31st, due to unknown circumstances.

Silva, during his spare time was also a part of a local Queens-based Techno-influenced musical  act known as [the] Perez Bros under his stage name ‘Daff Boy Sp’ until the group disbanded in Early 2010. Surviving members of [the] Perez Bros released statements over Silva’s passing.

Founding member Ricky Ruiz, better known by his stage name DjTechno92, though e-mail, talked about Silva’s life and recounted the times they spent together.  This was written verbatim and edited for clarity:

‘‘When he was alive, it was just fun.  

We would chill and sometimes have sleep overs and it was fun.

Don’t get me wrong there were times where i felt like slapping him but i never did it.

He meant alot to me…he was my brother, my #1 nigga, my top dude…..

Its just sad to see him go after all the things we talked [a]bout and had planned for the future”

Silva had planned to become either a professional soccer player or become a member of the Air Force upon completion of high school. Another member of the group, known professionally as “Miu”  wrote in the comments section of our sister blog  ‘The City & My Life” about Silva and the moments they shared together. This was also written verbatim and edited for clarity:

I’m going to miss him :c We had good times, we did.

Like anyone, Luan would sometimes get frustrated, but I never heard him yell.

It was always me, Daff Boy SP [Silva], and Dj Techno92 [Ruiz]. Laughing all the time about inside jokes, like the nickname “Waterboy” [ a nickname originating from his JROTC days], and hollow brazilian noodles.

It won’t be the same without Luan :c He’ll live on in our hearts forever, especially when we reminisce with the old time game ‘remember when?’
We love you, Waterboy, we miss you.

Ruiz and Miu were members of the JROTC Unit with Silva at the time this article was written. His wake will be held at Lockwood Funeral Home, located at 255 21st Street in Brooklyn on August 3rd at 2:30pm


Ruiz and ”Miu” were fellow high school classmates of mine at the time this article was written. His friends requested this article be published out of respect to Silva.  An original edit of this article incorrectly published a person’s name without consent and was edited improperly, Our Apologies. This current edit was polished up for clarity and updated.