Asnycnow Music Editor quoted on CNN International, The Brief

Our new Asnycnow Radio Music Editor, Veronica, aka @vevusha, was quoted on the CNN International news program, The Brief today by Jim Clancy, the host.

Jim Clancy is working out of the Atlanta, Georgia, USA headquarters.

Each day on his news program, The Brief he offers a Question of the Day.  His viewers can answer from Twitter, Facebook, or with an e-mail to the program.

Jim, one of our favorites journalists on CNN International posed the following question to his viewers.

“Who’s testimony do you believe – Naomi Campbell’s or Mia Farrow’s?

via Twitter . . .From @ClancyCNN   Clancy File #QOD : Who’s testimony do you believe – Naomi Campbell’s or Mia Farrow’s?  Tweet us now — we’ll read them LIVE on ‘The Brief!’

Veronica tweeted her answer.

from @vevusha to @clancycnn

“I believe Naomi. She didn´t want to go to the court,fearing for her life and life of her familiy.  That man killed a lot of people!  I understand her.  If I were in her place, I would do the same!  Charles Taylor´s a killer who killed so many people!  I would be afraid to go to court to testify against him too!  I like my life!”

Congratulations, Veronica! You’ve been Briefed!