Anti India Facebook Page found online, New social network site launched

In the comments section of the Asnycnow Radio blog post  ‘How to build self confidence’ by Bidemi Ologunde, someone wrote this:

Dear friend we accidently found a group named ‘fuck india’ on facebook after that we searched for anti indian groups and found lots of anti indian groups are there and then we searched for anti us groups and dosn’t able to find a single one. In fuck india group they uploaded
videos showing that some one is raping mother india. Is it ok for u. and one itresting(sic) fact
that facebook already received more than 10 lakh request to close fuck india group but theyare not closing the group.

I Originally thought this was Spam, but when I Checked into it, I Found This:

As the Diplomatic relationship between the two countries aren’t exactly the best in the world especially given that India accused Pakistan of having some involvement in the 2008 Bombing  in Mumbai. This only further intensifies the issue.

In The Comments section, there is the official statement from the website, a social networking site for Indians. The Statement includes a  a petition to Facebook to remove the page.

We will stay on this case.